Alstom Grid Will Manufacture Two Shunt Reactors For Tennet In Germany

Alstom Grid in Turkey will supply two shunt reactors for TenneT, the transmission system operator for Germany and the Netherlands, to improve grid stability across its transmission lines. These shunt reactors will be the first manufactured by Alstom’s Gebze site for the German market and are due for commissioning in 2015.

The 120 MVAr, 420 kV shunt reactors wilalstoml be delivered on a turnkey basis to the Redwitz and Eltman Power Plants in the German state of Bavaria. The contract, worth around 2.5 million, covers manufacturing, shipment, assembly and commissioning. Shunt reactors are used to protect from voltage surges on long transmission lines between power plants and consumption areas, especially if the lines are low loaded or buried.

Hakan Karadogan, Alstom Grid Turkey Power Transformers Unit Managing Director, said: “This project will be a major reference for future projects in the Netherlands and Germany. We are very pleased to be selected by TenneT for this turnkey contract and we look forward to further developing our relationship together.”
This contract follows several milestones for Alstom Turkey in the field of power transmission equipment. Last year, the Gebze factory manufactured the largest 3-phase adjustable shunt reactor in the world for the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company, TEIAS. These shunt reactors are now installed at 380 kV substations in Istanbul Yeni Bosna, Ikitelli, Maltepe and Davutpasa.
The company is also export champion in Turkey for electricity generation and distribution equipment and its factories export more than 80% of its production to countries worldwide. Last year, the Gebze factory supplied some of the world’s highest rated generator step-up transformers to projects in Slovenia and Serbia.


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