24 July 2019

New Bluetooth LED driver for easy, wireless control of dynamic lighting

LED Kampagne 03 Technology_retouched (Orta)Low-power and reliable CASAMBI control via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

With the OT BLE DIM LED dimmer, OSRAM has already introduced a successful device for the wireless, dynamic control of constant-voltage LED modules via Bluetooth Low Energy. The new OTi BLE 80 LED driver now offers the advantages of the OT BLE DIM and an OPTOTRONIC driver in a single device. Thanks to the control app from CASAMBI, the 24 V 4-channel LED driver requires no extra cabling or gateway. And due to its extra-slim dimensions, it and opens up a wide range of options for renovation projects, e.g. in entertainment areas, restaurants, hotel rooms or retail areas.

Easy control with the CASAMBI app

The OTi BLE 80 LED driver makes dynamic lighting control as easy as can be: Connect your 24 V LED system, link it up with your smartphone or tablet and you are ready to use a wide variety of amazing control features. The CASAMBI app allows you to control your lighting installation via Bluetooth Low Energy, which is the only mainstream and future-proof low-power radio technology in the world. The wireless mesh network set up ensures solid and reliable data exchange at all times.

Ideal for dynamic lighting in confined spaces

Thanks to its slim design, the OTi BLE 80 LED driver fits perfectly into niches or coves. It simplifies installation, reduces cabling times and prevents the risk of installation errors. In addition, the control system allows lighting control in complex architectural surroundings, such as glass or other rather delicate building material.


Easy 4-channel lighting control

Multicolor control (White, Tunable White, Tunable Warm White, RGB, RGBW, Dim to Warm)

Spectacular mood lighting according to specific moments, events or needs

Intuitive creation of individual color scenarios or sequences

Control of different rooms from any point in the network thanks to mesh technology

New feature: The power consumption of each channel can be checked via the app

Extremely smooth dimming on each channel down to 0.4 % at a rate of 2 kHz

Download the CASAMBI app from the App Store or Google Play. For the correct functioning of the CASAMBI app, refer to the CASAMBI website: www.casambi.com. The CASAMBI app is provided to you by CASAMBI. OSRAM does not assume liability for the CASAMBI app and does not make any representations, expressed or implied, about the availability and/or functionality of the CASAMBI app. OSRAM does not assume liability for and does not make any representations, expressed or implied, about the connectivity of CASAMBI-ready products of OSRAM with any other CASAMBI-ready products.

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