TET R&D Project Brokerage Event Is To Be Held In Harbiye Military Museum On 6 April

tetR&D Project Brokerage Event of Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters Association is to be held in Harbiye Military Museum on 6 April for the 5th time. Investors and incubator centres will see the best projects in TET R&D Project Brokerage Event that is intended for exhibiting ‘Electrical’, ‘Electronics’ and ‘Informatics’ projects implemented throughout Turkey.

Discover unearthed innovative projects with TET R&D Project Brokerage Event of Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters’ Association

Initiated by Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters’ Association (TET) for the purpose of commercialization in 2012, TET R&D Project Brokerage Event will be held for the 5th time and it will be introduced with events organized in Harbiye Military Museum.

In the event where electrical, electronics and information projects will be exhibited, the projects are categorized under 4 different groups that are: Informatics and Communication Technologies (ICT) Applications, Applications Related to Energy, Production, Transmission and Distribution, Environmental and Energy Efficiency Applications and Other Electrical and Electronics Applications.

Atilla Eren, TET R&D Project Market Executive Committee President pointed out that R&D Project Market brings entrepreneurs with new and feasible ideas together with investors. Mr. Eren told the following about ‘R&D Project Market’ that is organized by TET for the 5th time: “Our sector is one of the pioneers in R&D investments. We believe examples of successful enterprises will increase and we will do our best to fulfil our role in order to achieve that goal. We are in intense collaboration with incubation centres and universities. Our goal is to contribute for the commercialization of projects exhibited in R&D Project Market by integrating them into this ecosystem.”

Atilla Eren, gave the following information about the project: “2023 Export Strategy aims to increase the added value in exports, adding new technologies and methods to the production system, designing innovative products, encouraging training of new designers, strengthening the university-industry collaboration and offering unique products of our country to the global market through our exporters.

With R&D Project Market event, we make effort to support entrepreneurs, industrialists, research institutes and universities towards developing joint projects by paying particular attention to industry-university collaborations. In this event, opportunity is provided to the representatives of industrial enterprises, faculty members from local and foreign universities, researchers from R&D and Incubation centres and Technoparks for holding meetings with an intent to develop R&D projects.”


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