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24 Ocak 2019


İlan Tarihi: 9 ay önce
İlan No: 12953
İlan Sahibi: Ergün Elektrik San.Tic.A.Ş.
Telefon: +90.232.4627200
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Facilities and factories with a high proportion of variable speed motor drives and/or other harmonic generating loads may require a detuned capacitor system. This would perform the function of power factor improvement while preventing any amplication of harmonic currents and voltages caused by resonance between capacitors and inductances in the mains.
Therefore, we oer three phase lter reactors to be used in the capacitor banks.
Low-loss reactors are made of specially selected transformer sheets and manufactured with at or round copper wire technology. They are dried and impregnated in a vacuum which ensures that they can withstand high voltages and oer a long operating life. Reactors can be supplied with aluminium windings on request. Depending on their rated power, the reactors are provided with either terminal blocks, lugs or copper bars. If the operating temperature of 120C is exceeded,
the reactor circuit is disconnected by a thermal switch.Our company customizes special reactors in accordance with required capacitor capacitance value and detuning degree.

• Eliminate the possibility of dangerous resonances
• Avert the rise of harmonic currents
• To lengthen the operating life of the contactors
• To lengthen the operating life of the capacitorsTHE SPECIFICATIONS OF HARMONIC FILTER REACTORS
• Very low loss
• High linearity
• Temperature protection
• Long operating life
• Copper terminals
• Low noise

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