“150 Billion TL Mobilization In Energy Saving

“Energy Team” project will save 15 billion TL per year and 150 billion TL until 2023 to Turkey. Energy and Natural Resources Minister Yıldız spoke at the launch of “Energy Team” and said; “For savings we have established an Energy Team. With this team and work with the 77 million we will move our country into the future full of energy. Turkey needs this mobilization.”

Enerji-Takimi-Lansmani_Gorsel-4  “Energy Team” projects details, which supplies huge energy savings in our country, were announced at the meeting by Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Energy Efficiency Association President İbrahim Çağlar in Lutfi Kirdar Congress Palace. Minister Yıldız had speech at the meeting and remarked Turkey’s energy bill is $50 billion and said; “We have established energy team for saving. Energy Team will travel all over Turkey for to be heard from 7 to 70 at home, on the road, at school, in industry and to make everyone an active member of the team. In this way, how to make savings and how to use energy efficient individuals will grow. Energy Team will be working hand in hand with 77 million and move Turkey to tomorrow with full of energy.”

  Minister Taner Yıldız: “Turkey will take Golden goal”


Taner Yıldız describes the savings size with samples and said; “Turkey needs this mobilization. When we calculate the monetary value of savings in one year, it is 107 million quarter gold.” Yıldız added energy efficiency which will be applied in industry, the money will stay in businessmen pocket is 6.5 billion TL and said “Energy cost will hold an important place in industry. Industrialists’ will increase their company without the need of bank loans by using energy efficiently. By turning off the lamp at home, warming up vehicles when they are moving instead of warming up when they are standing, by using appliances high energy class A++ instead of using high energy consumption appliances, lightening large areas with sunlight at work can help to make big savings.”Yıldız remarked; housewifes can reduce bills average 25 percent by only making electric savings and said; “A housewife can get a gold with the energy savings. Only the savings done from by housewives, the payment 4 billion TL of energy remains in Turkey.” Yıldız said everyone living in Turkey will be a player of this team, with the humorous language referring to the World Cup which takes places in Brazil and Turkey is unable to attend, “Neither Brazil nor Netherlands, Turkey will take the golden goal. From housewives to children, from industrialists to drives, everyone share in this victory. Together we will win. Every year we save money, will stay in the family budget.”

Savings equivalent to the 107 million quarter gold coin

  Warnings to the vehicle drivers

“In Turkey, continue of the growth trends in last 25 years in 2020, passenger traffic will come approximately 3.3 times of present level (540 billion passenger / km), freight traffic will come 2.5 times (300 billion tons / km) is estimated. Given that the estimated increase in the transport sector improving the energy efficiency of work to do for a moment before implementation studies are of great importance.” Yıldız remarked on Energy Efficient Transportation, in all areas of transportation, especially the vehicle drivers, pointed out the importance of creating awareness in increasing efficiency.
Mobilization call from İbrahim Çağlar


Energy Efficiency Association President İbrahim Çağlar emphasized our country will be prepared to become in world’s largest economy in 2020, will need to achieve more economic benefits with less energy in his speech and said “We consume less energy per capita, in order to produce $1,000 of national income we spend more energy compared to developed countries.” Çağlar remarked, as Energy Efficiency Association; efficient and effective use of energy at every point and be active to increase the production of high value-added goods and services. Çağlar said in 2013 with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Energy Lady project carried out across the country to housewives and Energy Kid project, which began a short time ago was passed to the younger generations.

Çaglar emphasize the younger generation of awareness on efficient use of energy is very important and said, “With the Energy Kid project, in any environment where there are children especially at home, efficient energy use by children will be provided. To raise awareness of our children in use and consumption of energy and our children is intended to contribute to the national economy in the energy efficiency.”

“Businesses energy bills will be reduced by 30 percent”

Çağlar remarked within the Energy Efficient Industry project 13 areas determined for to achieve productivity growth and gave concrete examples for to reduce 30 percent of energy bills in businesses. In these context losses in insulated pipes in the steam system 80-85% less instead of uninsulated pipes and recovering the waste heat from the kiln system up to 45 percent of energy savings can be achieved.

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