A Luxury Touch To Sheraton Ataşehir By Berker

B3BIG10 (Medium)Sheraton Ataşehir project, the latest hotel project of Cevahir Group, prefers Berker by Hager. Having made a positive impression with its previous projects, Berker by Hager makes its mark with a hotel project this time with smart building automation solutions.The luxury hotel planned to be operational by October will impress its guests with in-room electrical control devices by Berker by Hager. B3 Aluminum anthracite socket and switch group products were preferred for this project.

Best of its field with their distinctive design, Berker products bring esthetics to living spaces while providing comfort and high technology for all projects.  Consisting of several different types of accommodation options, the project involved Berker, KNX compatible B3 Aluminum anthracite switch model in order to bring ease of use while giving the opportunity to apply different in-room scenarios.

Designed for the customer expectations and demands, the project involves the KNX system which offers integrated lighting controls, one-touch access to scenarios such as DND/MUR (do not disturbe/ make up room), welcome, study, sleep and VRV AC system controls with advanced thermostatic switch.

1408 Kez Görüntülendi.