Alpke is offering tailor-made solutions to his clients with his strong engineering crew

Alpke is offering tailor-made solutions to his clients with his strong engineering crew

With the brand perception it creates in the sector, Alpke Wire takes pride in being the brand that gives confidence to its customers in the sector with its perspective on quality and marketing. We discussed the plans and the critical change in the sector with Alpke Wire Export Manager Mr. Fahri Eryılmaz.

Can you give us some information about yourself?

I was born in Berlin and graduated from Yıldız Technical University Engineering department in 1999. I worked 6 years in Siemens Germany. After my return to Istanbul, I worked in a Belgium Joint Venture company and stayed in Belgium one year. Our company activities were high voltage engines and generator sets bobbins production.

How was Alpke A.S. born?

We saw in the market that wire producers do not have enough capacity of export and technical background. We established Alpke to export wires. We first had a shareholder. We bought his shares later on and started production.

What kind of production and services do you have?

We are producing bobbin wires. Transformer station producers, engine producers, UPS producers are all our customers.

 What are the different sides of your proucts?

We are producing aluminium and copper wires. We are using pure and high conductivity material. We are then isolating the wires according to our customers’ specifications. We are making all the tests in our laboratories. We are sending all these test reports to our customers.

What are the factors making you different from other producers?

We never send any product under 580V. We are informing all the test processes to our customers. Our products are heart of this business so we never send bad quality product.

What is the reason of preferring this material? Do you have further efforts to develop your products?

We are making R&D studies. We are developing lower cost and stronger products. Meanwhile we are checking the R&D department of isolation material producers. Their development affects our quality positively.  Isolation materials’ quality for us is very important. We are mainly using European suppliers’ products although it is more expensive. Our customer’s quality depends on us so we must be honest to them.

Is there any institution checking the standardisation of the products?

We are obeying IEC European standards that are best and strictest one in our business.

What is competition according to you?

For us the quality competition is the most important. We are not making price competition but we are making quality competition.

What are your target markets?

Our country is a very important market for us. We are exporting to Europe and plan to develop further business there. Our production and logistics are now in the same facility. That has many advantages for us.

What are the ratios of your product groups?

We are supplying products both we produce and trade. Trade products are 20 % of our total range.

How many countries are you exporting?

We are exporting 30 countries. Turkey became a centre of transformer station production. Considerable exports are made to Europa, Africa and Middle East so demands to our products are increasing.

Why did you need to invest?

In order to increase our quality and competitiveness, we are led to high technology machines and production facilities.

How do you arrange your technical staff?

We are working with a young but experienced staff. We wish that our engineers get experienced in Transformer station business. They know the material very well and send the customers exactly what they need. Our QC manager is a very experienced person. He is leading us to offer right solutions for customers. We made corporative organisation in the company. Everything goes well now and we spend our time to develop the business.

How about domestic market?

We are known to produce high quality at the top speed. We have relations of many years with our customers. We believe in the sustainability of quality and uninterrupted supply service.

What is the production volume of this product?

There are 3-4 companies producing these products at big volumes. Our market share is 10% in bobbin sector.

Are you planning to join exhibitions in 2019?

We are exhibiting in Berlin fair which is the most important organisation for our sector.

We would like to thank Mr. Fahri Eryılmaz for the interview.

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