As Ersoy Panel We Offer Low Cost Quality Products

As Ersoy Panel We Offer Low Cost Quality Products

ersoy pano (4)We have costs below the average of Turkey and the world in the production of electrical panels. We manufacture our products with 95% slit sheet and automatic molds in the range of between 10 mm to 1250 mm width without error. We offer low-cost quality products with the effect of competition in Turkey and in the world.

What are the pioneers of establishment of Ersoy Panel?

Companies are formed according to their founders. Ersoy Pano is an institutional company that respects human beings and environment, cares about safety, aims to learn continuously, believes in working hard and serving humanity, is open to innovation, produces solutions to customer needs, cares about R&D works, cares about competitors, increasing quality while reducing costs.

Our company was founded in 1990 as a family business with the belief in quality-price-time-stability. Until 2012, we have produced 90% standard products and we have become the leading company in this segment in Turkey. On the Turkish market we drove many products to the right place by driving our products first. By the time we thought this area was a huge gain, the companies copied the products and went to the market. These companies compete to be cheaper and cheaper instead of quality, because they are competing with each other and the wrong competition with each other. However, the cheaper price paid on the panel reflected the poor quality of the front, which had a life of at least 50-100 years.

Our aim was to familiarize the Installers with the quality in Turkey for the standard panel. I can say that we could be partly successful in that I see that it was very difficult and we need to sacrifice. In standard products, Customers can go for cheap goods without looking at quality together with wholesalers. And  they don’t prefer  the good with  60 %  quality but prefer the goods with 10% cheaper . So we had to go through strategy changes

What kind of change did you make by the strategy change?

From 2014 onwards, we made a strategy change and turned to special type order products consisting of standard parts. By investing in the production of modular 2 series system panels, we emphasized working with companies that are doing electro installation. We concentrated on high value added products, which are completely specially designed. Many electro-assembler companies may not have noticed the change we have made, and our recognized partners are very pleased with our products and service. Especially the technical staff working in the workshop environment are really very pleased of; our faultless products, the ease of installation and our design to prevent injuries. With 27 years of experience, we have emphasized mold investment for low cost and faultless production. At every stage of production, we have renewed our technological infrastructure investments as a whole, from design program to CNC machine and experienced technical staff.

ersoy pano (1)What Do You Want To Say About Quality And Documentation?

In 1997, we acquired ISO 9002 quality management system certificate and became one of the first companies  which received this certificate in Turkey. Being traceable has been a big deal for us and we have always been careful to be systematic for 20 years. Today we have all the necessary documentation such as quality management system, product quality, business health, environmental management and European conformity. We have a regular working environment with a quality of 5 s and a culture that is constantly growing according to the Kaizen rule, constant innovation and believing in it. We perform  corrective preventive activities by working systematically and systematically, for the root causes of errors for development,

What kind of applications do you have in R & D work?

The most competitive panel in the market, which has many features together, is our Admiral 2 board model. We designed our wall-mounted and over-the-top panels to provide the highest level of protection for IP with minimal source. We produced the type panel without deformity and distortion due to the weld. We designed our plasterboard panels so that the edges would be twisted to make them crush after they were compressed and frozen. The contribution of our partners is very important for us in such studies. And  they have contributed in many ways to our development. We especially would like to thank the technical staff of the electrical installation. And we also thank to our partners who support the development of our products. Sometimes the suggestions to be considered  for development can last for a long time. The reason for this is the trial, the production process, the depletion of old complementary products in the inventory. Expecting our partners’ understanding. All suggestions and requests reported us are evaluated at the highest level.

The most important way to produce quality products at low cost is to be in constant search. By modifying the design with our R&D work, we saved considerable savings on labor. By improving the CNC rolling system and the automatic molds that feed it, we reduced our costs while increasing the quality of our products. We did not fall into this error when we invested.

ersoy pano (2)We designed according to the conditions of the age of production. While paying attention to capacity and equipment, we did not think price-oriented, so we made a highly productive machine investment to produce parts with 70% instead of 15 % low  efficiency machineries which could be used for panel manufacturing. Thus, we have low cost, error-free and without waste production. As a result of our employees getting less fatigue and error-free production, they have been happier.

Where are the Uses of Your Products ?

We produce many different fields of panel productions. Mainly we meet all demands in Low Voltage and Medium Voltage panels. Unlike our custom-made products, we manufacture for  Factory – Housing – Ship – Malls – Outdoor Site – Telecom – Gas Distribution – Panels in their own dimensions for their own electronic boxes and machines And we produce Mobese (mobile electronic system integration) Camera Panels especially. We have gained experience in many different areas such as ship consoles, computer and server panels and stainless tunnel panels.

ersoy pano (3)What are your differences in terms of competitiveness with your products?

As a company we have costs below the average of Turkey and the world in the production of electrical panels. With our 95% sliced sheet metal, we can produce the range of  between10 mm sheet steel up to 1250 mm wide without any defect in automatic molds. We offer low-cost quality products with the effect of competition in Turkey and in the world. I think the Turkish panel industry should be supported by the state as a pilot. There are countries that have a voice in this field such as, Germany-Italy-Spain, Turkey may come to an important place with state support and incentives to be provided to the sector companies, and can take a good position in panel manufacturing.

What is the Importance of the Material Used in Your Products?

Thanks to our flexible design, we are ready to meet your specific requirements. In our products, we use the main item 100% DIN EN 10346 Dx51 070 gr galvanized sheet metal. we can meet your demand and special panel requirements by 304/316 quality stainless steel, dipped galvanized and aluminum . We paint on galvanized sheet metal. We use very few welding techniques to pollinize the burning weld zone and bake for the second time. We use quality paint, lock hinge and bolts. We think long term and manufacture accordingly. We do not sacrifice quality for competition. Sometimes such requests come, but we refuse these requests. Then the customer could accuse the manufacturer. So the party with fault will be the manufacturer brand. We serve to our clients with professional sales team which knows all the manufacturing phases of products and use AutoCAD/ Solidworks, to measure the products and serve with the technical drawings.

What is your company’s opinion about exporting?

In recent years we have been participating in international fairs and attaching importance to export. We export to Europe, America and Middle East and many countries. Our goal is to open more abroad. As regards overseas and domestic sales, Especially Marmara Region and Turkey generally, We have an infrastructure that will respond to requests from every part of the world.

ersoy pano factory (Large)What do you say about the location of Factory and shipment ?

We are producing 30.000 m² open and 5000 m² closed area systematically in the industrial center of Gebze – Kocaeli,  Turkey. In the long-term plan, As the production of the company increases and new additional establishment is needed,   It is important to select 30,000 m2 of space in accordance with the expansion. And our close proximity to the ports of Kocaeli Gulf is a great advantage in terms of domestic and international shipment. We are located in the most industrialized region of Turkey. We are at the point where we will reach the most convenient places like Istanbul İzmir Ankara at the intersection of 3 bridge roads. We are in green and natural environment with the importance we give to the environment. We can ship to Istanbul and surrounding areas with our own vehicles. We are delivering the orders of domestic companies to their freight forwarders.

We are conducting research in the form of knowing the international shipping costs that the shipments will be sent to the best shipping company for the benefit of our customers. We provide transportation to our overseas customers in the form of mutual communication with the lowest cost and the order quantity, packing and shipment..

What kind of service do you have about Customer Order and Technical Support?

Customers  contact us through any electronic communication 7/24  we are ready to serve our customers’ requests as quickly as possible. Trained and well-informed sales representatives serve our customers for faultless product ordering and delivery. With our experienced sales representatives, our customers are able to prevent the faulty order to a large extent and this also bring customer satisfaction.

We would like to thank Mr. Kadir Ersoy, General Manager of Ersoy Pano, who shared his time for this conversation, as Electricity Turkey