“Baymak” Which Faces To Sun Helps You To Produce Your Own Electricity With Photovoltaic Systems

Baymak provides you to produce electricity from solar energy with the PV package systems it created.

Baymak which is struggling to use solar energy potential to the best advantage is keeping on supporting alternative pure energy production by facing to sun. Baymak that offers customers package systems composing environmental- friendly products with pure energy giving photovoltaic panels carries out friendly- projects with financing models which don’t cause payment difficulties.

Baymak offers 7 different package including 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 20 and 30 kW powers on photovoltaic systems producing electricity. For 4 people family in Turkey, monthly consumption changes between 200- 300 KwH. And a 30 kWh system can be installed in 10 flats apartment complex. Although the cost of the solar energy production seems high at first sight, the system which amortize itself in a short time, provides being sold at a very chep price the electricity bill and even sell more than the consumption.

Approximate consumption of 4 people family in Turkey is about 10 kWh. And hours of sunshine in our country reaches 5 in northern regions and 7 in southern. With these data, we can meet a consumption of a house with 2.5 kW  PV system and the cost of th system is about 5.000 dolars ( except project). Amortizing of this system in our country changes between 6.5 and 7.5 years but when taking into consideration of electricity purchasing cost year by year, this system protects you from the increase as well. Besides, government promises to take excessive electricity which is produced more than 10 years from 13.3 cent. Thus, with photovoltaic panels which have 30 years lifetime, both meeting your own consumption and selingl the excessive production to the government are possible.

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