Choice of ADIDAS is LAMP 83

Choice of ADIDAS is LAMP 83

1478521160_Adidas_Axis___stanbul (Medium)World giant ADIDAS have been using LAMP 83 to lighten their stores in Turkey for many years and they are very pleased with its outcomes. LAMP 83 most recently illuminated the brand’s HomeCourt store at Axis İstanbul Mall.


Stating his pleasure about ADIDAS’ collaboration with LAMP83, Eren KILIÇ, one of the architects of the company, emphasized the effect and importance of LAMP 83’s registered corporate policy and principal “Correct Lighting” that reflects to customers on retail industry using these words: “Our objective as ADIDAS is that lighting to be powerful enough to attract customers into the stores and designed well enough to bring them together with the correct product. We use unlimited contributions of lighting in order to provide a good customer experience and bring customers together with the products of our choice. We know that a correctly positioned and utilized lightning in a store provides positive contribution to sales by increasing product visibility.

Then again, LAMP 83 Sales Group Manager Serhan Acar commented on the work done with ADIDAS as; “Being the lightning partner of a world giant as ADIDAS for more than a decade and sustaining this partnership is really a difficult thing to do. We are enjoying our collaboration with ADIDAS acknowledging that we have a great responsibility on this matter. We need to deliver a serious effort for long times to adopt lighting products and systems that are compatible with the store lighting concepts that are due to change in time. However, every time, the scene and innovations resulting from these efforts helps us to improve ourselves as well as sustaining the satisfaction of ADIDAS’ customers. In all these respects, working with ADIDAS delights us”.