Elcab Cable Targets Making a Branding Value

elcab kablo (4) (Medium)” Companies that are in the awareness of corporate identity understanding and prejudice are organizations that are demanded in the market, have a competitive advantage and always have a strategy of growth. As Elcab Cable, we have the knowledge and experience and customer-focused production concept which adds value and advantage to our corporate identity”, said Nejdet TISKAOĞLU, the General Manager of Elcab Cable, in his explanations about the sector.

What is the main activity area of Elcab Cable?

As General Manager of Elcab Cable I have 25 years experience in Electrical & Electronics sector. I started working life in a company that introduced me with silicone and silicone cables. I worked at every stage of this firm, I learned about silicon-based products in every field of knowledge and experience.

Elcab cable is a company that manufactures silicone cables in the sector and offers its customers a solution for this area.As a member of White Goods Subsidiary Industry Association (BEYSAD), we target white goods, electric household appliances producers and electric markets.

Our main policy is to meet the demands and needs of our customers at the highest level, to make environmentally and collectively sensitive production, and to offer our customers the best quality service with the best prices at all products we produce.

At the beginning of our products we produce, are fireproof silicone cords and oven door gaskets which provide sealing in the ovens. We also realize the production of energy cables which we have defined as plugged cable in the sector.

Why Silicon Cables?

Silicone cable is a sector, the area of which has more specific and more niche players, and at which supply and demand are less.On the other hand, we can say that supply and demand are more than PVC cables. The fact that there are a large number of players at the supply point leads to more price-driven movements. We do not want to be in a price-driven competitive environment, so we do not consider this area of activity.

Which element is the first in your product group?

As Elcab Cable, we can evaluate our products in two groups, which are ambitious about quality and competitive in price, that make us one step ahead. We attach great importance to specialization in silicone cable and white goods sector, and for this reason we are extremely assertive in the production of very special silicone cables. This is our most obvious identity. Many can think,Elcab Cable can only be a cable company. However, our company does not have only a cable ID. We produce cablegrouping with our other ID and supply these products to the white goods subsidiary. With our philosophy of quality, assertive and competitive solution strategies, we have always aimed to be the best and create a brand value.

elcab kablo (1) (Medium)What kind of Production Structure You Have? Evaluate Infrastructure, Technology and Technical Staff.

Our basic policy is to meet the demands and needs of our customers at the highest level, to follow and implement technological developments, to manufacture environmentally and collectively friendly products, and to provide our customers with the best price and the best quality service in the fastest way.

I can say that we have a good value when we evaluate the machinery and qualified staff used in this area in the world. We are aware of the fact that machinery is not the only factor for quality and efficient production and the existence of qualified human power is important. In this respect our team consists of knowledgeable and experienced people.

What is the point that silicon cable achieved in 25 years experiencethat you mentioned about? How did Elcab cable develop in this process?

Silicone cable is resistant to heat, has a delicate structure, very narrow usage area, and was used only in the ovens with the so-called electric stove. Suitability for use has been a major factor in the development of this cable group market and its heat resistance has come to the forefront with features such as health and reliability in the food sector and thus the market share of players and raw material suppliers in this area has grown. Silicon cables and cable grouping companies like us have only met demands in Turkey. However, with the investments made, it was seen that the demands that were received were inadequate and it was thought that it was a necessity to open abroad.

I will not show modesty in that we have played a very important role as Elcab Cable in increasing the export of silicone cable to the Turkish economy. As Elcab Cable we export to 43 countries and we are one of the top 10 exporters of electrical equipmentsin the field of İMMİB for over 2 years.In addition to this, I can say with pleasure that we export to the countries that have a say in the industry in particular.

Why should Elcab be preferred?

We are a company engaged in quality production that responds quickly to requests with young and dynamic production. In order to be able to reveal profitable, high quality, beautiful and successful works, mypersonal idea is that sector should be executed under the leadership of powerful firms that have developed themselves in fields such as industry, firm structure, background, machinery.I would especially like to underline that this is not an approach in the monopoly mentality and is a necessity for the development and healthy management of the sector.

gruplama (Medium)As ELCAB CABLE which has been operating in the sector for many years, we are the fastest growing company in the industry. Our main policy is to meet the demands and needs of our customers at the highest level, to follow and implement technological developments, to produce environmentally and collectively sensitive products and to provide our customers with the best price and the best quality service in all the products we produce from day to day. It gives us the advantage of being more preferred and one step ahead of our competitors.

What is the aim of Elcab?

Elcab Cable aims to continue with its high quality production, timely delivery and superior after sales service understanding, which has been produced since the first day it was founded as a company that is producing with social responsibility understanding and aiming to be a global brand in this area.

What is Elcab’s and Sector’s Concern?

Unfair competition comes at the forefront of the problems that disturb all sectors, not just the sectors we are in. It is very uncomfortable for us to be compared with the same product type because we are in the same sector and we are not in the same lane and position. We came to today with our competitors taking them as examples, respecting them, applauding their achievements, and focusing only on our goals without criticizing them.But today I would like to say that we are uncomfortable with companies that we call “under the ladders”, which are unfair and industrialists, and which create unfair competition by trying to take customers out of your hand. For this reason, we are not on the same platform with such companies and we can not. This temporary situation would harm the country’s economy, the sector and the suppliers, or the producers have to look at this area from a broad perspective. Partnering is not easy. An industrialist and supplier need to understand each other very well and be able to catch their frequencies so that they can partner with each other. For this reason, featureless partners can not be partners. There should be a value of partnership, experience and association.

What is the impact of associations and related institutions in overcoming the difficulties in the sector?

Since the impact of associations is limited and results-oriented approach is needed in terms of obtaining concrete data, words said can not go beyond promise and hope. Our government has authorized and delegated Eximbank to grant credit and financial support to the exporting firm, but factors such as bureaucracy and paper churn cause us to lose time and energy.

For what purpose do you use your R&D center?

We are involved with various product groups that we produce in research and development, production development studies that are led by AYSAD.

Our product group, which is mainly on the foreground, is the silicon cable group.We inform our customers by making the work of our technical team a presentation so that our customers can benefit from these products in terms of cost and benefits. Our technical team continues to work to ensure that the final product is produced efficiently and at a low cost while calculating the cross section, terminal and size of the cable to be used at the product building stage.

We are also assertive in the production of oven door gaskets. In the production of this product group, we are continuing our activities in order to keep the A-class energy efficient and long-lasting product.

Do you have a social responsibility project?

We are in contact with the vocational high school as a young business operator from a vocational high school. We contribute to the training of our students by our team of experts. In the future, we emphasize this kind of work in order to make the sub-construction more powerful. Turkey has a qualified staff problem. Unfortunately, most of the people who have the title of engineer in our country are graduating without even a screwdriver.

There are retired doyens with deep knowledge and experience in every sector. The assignment of these people as technical and theoretical instructors in the schools will be very efficient and beneficial for our sector.When we put all these together in the right way, the development of the sectors is ensured by the synergy that will be formed and great marks are given to the economy of the country.

elcab kablo (10)When you evaluate the production of Elcab Cable, is it predominantly domestic or international?

As ELCAB CABLE, we are continuing our sales activities both in the internal market and in the external market with 2 separate professional teams. We meet the needs and demands of our basic export markets with a policy based on customer satisfaction such as reasonable price, quality and on-time delivery and we are engaged in fair participation, permanent customer visits and research and development activities to increase our sales network in these markets.Our market share can be evaluated as 60% domestic market and 40% export according to percentage, although there are occasional positive / negative changes according to the changes in global and national area.

What kind of activities do you do to increase your exports?

From Latin America to the Middle East, we export our products to many parts of the world. As Elcab Cable, we meet the needs and demands of our basic export markets with a policy based on customer satisfaction such as reasonable price, quality and timely delivery and we are engaged with research and development activities to increase our sales network in these markets.

As Elcab Cable we try to make the best evaluation of market research we have done to increase our exports. As a result, we are actively operating in Europe, the Middle East, the Balkans, North Africa and South America, and we aim to be active in the Central & North America and South African markets in the coming years.

I recommend all industries to go to China. We participated in Canton Fair held in China in October. No Chinese company visited our stand, including the companies we were in contact with. There are companies from America to Ukraine located in different countries, which visited us and there we had new markets, countries and customers.

What advantages and disadvantages do you have when compared to European producers, what are the challenges? What are your views on the competitive environment in the sector? (You can also evaluate from the point of producers and importers).

This situation has some advantages for domestic producers, as the demand and market share of the silicon cable is much less than PVC cable. Chinese and European competitors are not able to enter and hold the market because domestic producers provide various advantages to customers such as reasonable prices, quality products & services, timely delivery, quick solution proposal and payment convenience.

With the development of technology and the rise of consumption craze, demand has increased considerably, along with the price index, i.e. competition, has come to the forefront. So we can say that there is a competition problem that is not similar to us in the world.In particular, foreign companies located in Europe can evaluate us without visiting our activity fields by evaluating the brand value, the capital structure, the machinery, the number of qualified personnel and the quality certificates that we have,making it clear that they can add us to their supplier lists. While this assessment is made, of course, the price element is important for them, not as much as we do. However, the partner price index should not be the main factor. A good supplier should have at least 20 years of experience, knowledge and experience. For a company that has continued to operate successfully in the sector for many years, it is a firm that has produced solution proposals to its customers in all conditions and fulfilled their demands even in difficult conditions by taking sides with them under all conditions.

The biggest disadvantage that we face during our operation is that we do not look at benefits and stakes from the point of view of profitability compared to our competitors.This problem is not caused by the competitors located abroad but rather by the competitors who are located in the domestic market and which we can call as the indigenous Chinese “under the ladder” competitors.

elcab kablo (9) (Medium)Do you have After Sales Service?

Our R&D team, which is in the position of technical staff in the after-sales service phase, supports our customers who we consider as partners to inform about our products and to offer an alternative to use the products we supply and increase their productivity.We inform our customers about the cables and terminals used in the cable grouping, for example, by increasing the current efficiency and lowering the level of heating to provide various alternatives for purposes such as extending the lifetime of the machine and used parts.

How Can You Evaluate 2016 for Elcab?

In 2016, I can say that we have caught our targets. We opened an office in PerpaTradeCenter for our sales team. I think this structuring is a right investment in the sense that it is a good step for us to realize what we think. I would like to state that as a company with a 30% annual growth rate, we have achieved a growth rate of 10% this year despite the difficulties experienced in the market last year. Despite all the negativities in the world, I look forward to 2017 and I think that this year will be better. Because we aim to increase the growth and development acceleration in 2017 and to open up to different markets in order to reach new customers by maintaining existing customer satisfaction.

As Electricity Turkey magazine, we would like to thank Mr. Nejdet TISKAOĞLU, General Manager of Elcab Cable, for this interview given to our magazine.

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