Emerson Network Power launches NetSure™ DC power systems

Industry-leading visibility and intelligence allows new platform to deliver increased reliability and efficiency to network core.

 NetSure-7100-coklu-kabinleriEmerson Network Power has announced the launch of several new NetSure™ DC power systems designed for network core sites. The NetSure 7100 and NetSure 8100 multi-cabinets, together with NetSure 7100 stand-alone and converged AC and DC power systems are the latest offerings in the next generation of Emerson’s industry-leading NetSure DC power platform.

These new systems improve and secure reliability in core sites with a new controller that provides Intelligent Load Management, making it possible to provide early warnings ahead of potential overload. Furthermore, the new controller can provide a site energy consumption map as a tool to help save total cooling expenses.
“Intelligent Load Management changes the way we think about power system reliability at core sites,” said Thomas Bennett, vice president, product management, Emerson Network Power’s Energy Systems business. “Reliability is and always will be the top priority in these facilities, so for decades telecom providers have over-provisioned to accommodate phantom loads. With Intelligent Load Management, we can monitor and take action based on information about every single load on site. Changes in load will be detected instantly so failures can be prevented.”

Today’s launch includes four systems:
· The NetSure 7100 and NetSure 8100 multi-cabinets are suited for medium- and large-sized central offices requiring system expandability. These systems fit wherever frequent load changes require access to multiple distribution units and backup systems in close proximity to the load.
· The NetSure 7100 stand-alone DC power system is designed for small central offices requiring system efficiency, reliability and power availability in a small footprint. The system can be configured with embedded battery backup or a scalable A + B configuration in a single cabinet.
· The NetSure 7100 converged system includes both rectifiers and inverters and is designed for small telecom central office and data center sites that operate both AC and DC loads. The ability to host both AC and DC loads is increasingly important as telecom and IT domains are converging.

The new NetSure 7100 and NetSure 8100 systems allow quick deployment and fast system setup thanks to the new installation wizard in the controller. The scalable and modular design enables safe and easy work on live systems, which substantially reduces the risk for failures during upgrades and expansions. In addition to industry-best load current visibility and system reliability, the NetSure systems deliver cabinet efficiency in excess of 99.7 percent from rectifier output to distribution breaker output and provide maximum system power efficiency of 96.2 percent. High system efficiency, along with efficiency gains from mapping load consumption, significantly reduces overall energy costs.

These four systems, available today in Europe, Middle East and Africa, are part of the new DC Power platform that includes DC power systems, rectifiers, and converters and associated components to be introduced throughout 2014 and beyond.

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