ENERGO-PRO opens a new plant in Ankara

ENERGO-PRO opens a new plant in Ankara

EnergoPro_Fabrika_Acilis (Orta)International operator of hydraulic power plants ENERGO-PRO strengthens its industrial pillar. The group, whose headquarters is in Prague, is currently opening a new plant for producing turbines, generators and other hydraulic power plant equipment in Ankara, Turkey. The plant is operated by its subsidiary company Litostroj Turkey. It is the first plant of its kind in Turkey.

ENERGO-PRO group also owns the turbine producer Litostroj Power in Slovenia and engineering company Litostroj Engineering in Moravian Blansko (formerly ČKD Blansko Engineering). Engineers from Blansko, together with experts from Slovenian Litostroj participated in the construction of the new Turkish plant.

“We bring Central European know-how in traditional production of turbines for hydraulic power plants to Turkey,” says ENERGO-PRO CEO Pavel Váňa, pointing out more than a century old tradition of producing hydraulic turbines in Czechia and adds:  “Turkey offers favourable conditions and tries to attract specialized production.” The new plant is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for turbine and generator production. The main machinery was supplied from Czechia (TOS Kuřím). The total investment is EUR 25 million.

“The Ankara plant currently has 53 employees and is working on the first orders for the dam power station Karakurt in Turkey, built by our parent group ENERGO-PRO,” adds the general director of ENERGO-PRO in Turkey Celal Kozumalı. Two 44 MW Francis turbines including the generators and one 11,5 MW turbine are in production.  The turbines and generators were designed by Litostroj Engineering, engineers from Blansko were responsible for the project, calculations and documentation. “The laboratory in Blansko provided the complete hydraulic tests” states Pavel Váňa.

Currently the stator of the smaller 11,5 MW turbine is almost finished and final works on the wheel of one of the bigger turbines are being completed. Litostroj Turkey already delivered the spirals of the Francis turbines to Karakurt.

The construction of the production plant started in July 2017. It is in the industrial zone AS02, approximately 30 kilometres from the center of Ankara. The plant has three production halls and total area is more than 32 thousand square metres. Training and practice of machine operators and turbine technicians was conducted in Litostroj Power in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Workers who will be responsible for generator production were then trained during the reconstruction of generators of ENERGO-PRO hydraulic power plants in Georgia.

The Ankara plant is already working on another order, also from Georgia – production of a stator for the hydraulic power plant Gumati II. Litostroj Engineering from Blansko is also participating in this project. “The production is completely under control of our Turkish colleagues, who work with the Turkish suppliers and ensure the final production in our plant,” adds Pavel Váňa.

Strengthening activities in Turkey

ENERGO-PRO further strengthens its activities in Turkey, where it is focused mainly on the construction of new hydraulic power plants. When it comes to electricity production from water sources, Turkey belongs next to Bulgaria and Georgia to three countries where the activities of the group are the strongest. The construction of two power plants (Karakurt and Alpaslan 2) in eastern Turkey is in its final phase. ENERGO-PRO will increase its installed power from Turkish sources fivefold within the next two years – to approximately 500 MW.

Development of Turkish energetics

Turkish energetics has started another considerable expansion despite the economic problems of the country within the last year. The country wants to limit its dependency on imported energy from abroad. Renewable sources including hydraulic power plants are strongly supported by state given the expected strong demand for energy. Turkey guarantees purchase prices in American Dollars, which brings investors essential assurance and security against currency fluctuations.

“The domestic market in Turkey is continually growing. Turkish private sector is very competitive and dynamic. The country boasts a generally developed infrastructure not only in transportation and telecommunications, but also in energetics,” stresses Pavel Váňa. Turkish Central Bank has risen the interest rates from 17.75 % to 24 %, thereby calming the financial markets.