Approximately 40% of the energy produced is used in homes, while 80% of this rate is spent on heating and cooling. The loss of heat in the house leads to increasing the temperature inside. In addition to the effects of climate change, one of the measures to be taken against energy loss, which also affects the budget of consumers, is energy saving.

Stating that energy saving is interpreted by the society as using energy less, VERİMDER Chief Executive Officer Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin; Our aim with energy saving is not to use less energy and expose the spaces to a weak air conditioning, but on the contrary, to contribute to the country's economy by consuming less energy and providing the same yield or even a stronger yield. Since the growing current account deficit due to the energy bill exerts great pressure on both exchange rates and our savings, it is not only a scientific but also a practical fact to think that every step taken to use energy efficiently will alleviate these pressures."

Climate change is a global problem that will affect not only our country but the whole world. Due to climate change due to global warming, it affects our daily lives with many negative effects from raining enough to cause flood disaster in summer to the emergence of thirst signals in winter. Climate change is beginning to affect areas such as food, water, city infrastructures, energy sources, weather in our daily lives.



While taking social measures against climate change, it is also of great importance to take individual measures. One of the biggest measures that can be taken against climate change is energy saving. Energy savings can be made with the measures to be taken at home or at work, and climate change can be combated.



Stating that energy losses affect the budget of consumers as well as the effects on climate change, VERİMDER Chief Executive Officer Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin; "With the cooling of the weather, there is an increase in the bills related to the energy use consumed by the people of the whole country. Especially in March, the coronavirus outbreak we met for the first time in Turkey is expected to continue in the coming winter months, while the time we spend at home is increasing. In this case, consumers' electricity and natural gas bills continue to increase. Because these two products are indexed to foreign currency. As the exchange rate rises, so does the price of electricity and natural gas. There is an increase of more than 30 percent in electricity and natural gas prices compared to the same period last year."



Stating that consumers can protect both their budgets and nature with the application of thermal insulation to be made individually in terms of energy saving, VERİMDER Chief Executive Officer Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin; "Consumers must apply thermal insulation to protect both their budget and domestic heat.Because approximately 40% of the energy produced is used in homes, while 80% of this rate is spent on heating and cooling. The loss of heat in the house leads to increasing the temperature inside. However, the way to keep the domestic temperature high is not to increase the temperature, but to preserve the heat in the house. In order to balance the increasing natural gas bills, it is possible for consumers to make their living spaces energy efficient by thermal insulation. Especially the thermal insulation application to be made to save the energy consumed in the houses has a positive effect on both the consumer and the economy of our country. With the right energy saving practices to be realized in European Union standards, there is an opportunity to save approximately 7 billion dollars annually as a country in a total of 21 million houses in our country. T.c. The data in the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources' 'Use Your Preference for Efficiency, Both You Win and Turkey Win' campaign clearly reveal that households can save at high rates with the right practices."



Stating that apart from buildings such as public buildings and production facilities, there are approximately 22 million houses in Turkey as a result of the research conducted in 2019, Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin emphasized that urban transformation can be an opportunity to save energy and continued his words as follows; " With the increase observed in the construction sector in recent years, buildings with energy saving Energy Identity Certificate (EKB) are produced, while they are still found in buildings where there are no energy saving applications. This situation adversely affects both the consumer and the country's economy. For energy saving applications, it is of great importance that the buildings have thermal insulation. The urban transformation in our country is an opportunity for the energy saving application to become widespread in buildings. In Turkey alone, approximately 14 million houses are planned to be evaluated within the scope of urban transformation in a 20-year period. Urban transformation applications are carried out with many different methods. Since the new buildings to be built within the scope of the reproduction application must be made in accordance with the criteria of the Energy Identity Certificate and TS 825 Thermal Insulation Standard in Buildings, the projects must be completed according to the energy saving measures."