ERSE CABLE PRODUCTS Safe with “Product Liability Insurance”


With 20 years of experience; Erse Cable, acting as one of the leading low-tension current cable producers, ensured its trademark power in sector thanks to trust and quality created for products. Erse Cable, known as the trademark mostly appreciated by the customers, has been proceeding with the concept of quality and sustainability thanks to own qualified personnel. It has been combining its strong dealer structure in the domestic market and success in projects located abroad together with effective service values focusing on customer satisfaction.

Erse Cable has been generating solutions, by taking national and international standards as basis, at Modern Facilities located in Silivri-Ortaköy with total 16.000 m² of area of which 12000 m² constitutes closed area. Erse Cable has a wide range of products thanks to low-tension current cables by producing any types of special cables within the body of the company by registered trademark groups such as Ervital, Erflex, Ervital Firesafe, Erline and Simh Vital.

Product Liability Insurance is in the scope of our warranty, As a result of events occurring during the policy period within the stated geographical borders ( Whole World except U.S.A, Canada, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Myanmar, North Korea and Cuba) regarding the utilization of products that are sold and produced by “Product Liability Insurance” granted to Erse Cable by Zurich Insurance; Erse Cable has been showing the importance given to credibility and customer satisfaction by assuring damages that may come to third persons or goods of the third persons against production-based physical and material damages and by determining the insurance amount of warranty limit per event is EUR 311.983 and annual maximum warranty limit is EUR 6.239.666.

Product Liability Insurance is not deemed as a Product Guarantee Insurance and is not aimed at paying for the damaged product. Product Liability Insurance is not a Liability Insurance. It ensures assurance not the goods of the Insured Person but the liability of the product manufactured by the Insured Person. It is liable for the loss of defect on the product.

Our priority is Total Quality Management,

Erse Cable, paying much attention to quality and continuity of quality, has been making a difference by international certificates by supporting trust in production process. Regarding solutions in production process, Erse Cable has certified own products in norms by “ VDE, MPA, RS, Customs Union Certificate (Russia), Fire Certificate (Russia), Turkish Lloyd, ABS, RINA, BV, DNV, LR, RoHS, CE, TSEK, TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and ALSz.

Erse Cable is totally aware of that “Integrated Management System” shall be deemed as a team work and in this regard, such concept has been adopted within the body of the company starting from senior management to sub-unit employees and suppliers. Integrated Management System is the established whole system by bringing more than one management systems of the companies together or integrating management systems with each other.


In parallel with this system, Erse Cable commits to fulfil standard requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 18001 Labour Health and Safety Management System and to continuously develop the effectiveness of targets. In this context, Erse Cable is the Member of National Quality Action and Turkish Quality Association in terms of actualising total quality and perfectness concepts.
Erse Cable, observing continuous development target, has been increasing its efficiency in preventing and measuring cost thanks to total quality approach and efficiency in market thanks to coexistent and continuous improvement approaches.

Thanks to innovative approach focusing on customer satisfaction without compromising on quality; Erse Kablo continues to take place among leading cable producers creating Added Value for environmentally-sensitive, reliable and solution partners.

2401 Kez Görüntülendi.