Erse Kablo Drew Attention to the Importance of Team with Sailing Sponsorship


Erse Kablo sailing team, which is the sponsor of the TAYK&Burgazada Marine Club Cup yacht races hosted by the Turkish Open Sea Racing Club (TAYK) and Burgazada on Saturday, August 31, was awarded 1st place in the excursion class on the 10-mile race route with Captain Mehmet Dinçay, Lütfü Dinçay and Mert Sunar islands track. 11-year-old Mert Sunar was awarded the title of the youngest racer. Turkey Open Sea Racing Club, as one of the pioneers of the development of yachting and sailing in our country surrounded by seas on three sides, puts its signature under successful organizations and races in the international arena. The love of sailing, which started with the Naval School School ships and then became widespread with sailing, increases with the support of sailing clubs on our coasts. Founded in 1971, the Turkish Open Sea Racing Club, although it includes yacht owners, serves not only its members but also all yachtsmen from centerboard athletes to university students on a technical and cultural basis due to its belief that love and understanding are strengthened by the associations at sea, and strives to increase the number of sailors by appealing to a wide range of yacht athletes.

Erse Kablo Marketing Communication Management, as a sponsor in this race of the Turkish Open Sea Racing Club, drew attention to the importance of being a team and team awareness in the sport of "Sailing" and stated that they were happy with the success of the team they supported.