“Every step is important that supports the success of ours in Solar Energy”

“Every step is important that supports  the success of ours in Solar Energy”

1563521286_gensed_ba__kan___halil_demirda___epdkn__n_son_karar__n___de__erlendirdi_1 (Orta)The President of GENSED Mr. Halil Demirdağ claims Turkey is making significant strides in the solar energy field and in addition he said “We find every step taken by the name of sustainability is really important.”
Demirdağ also stated that EMRA’s latest decision on monthly set-off was welcomed in the sector.

The last arrangement of EMRA about producing electricity without licence welcomed in Solar Energy field. The President of GENSED Mr. Halil Demirdağ emphasized that such applications have been made by EMRA will pave the way for the sector and he said “We have to make it sustain that the success we gain in a short time in Solar Energy. “

Demirdağ, who is also the chairman of Smart Energy as well as GENSED, said: “We are at the beginning of the business even though our installed power exceeds 5 thousand MW thanks to investments for a sector starting from scratch.  We have to accept that we have a long way to go.“. Referring to the new regulation, which was published in the Official Gazette of the EMRA and came into force, he said: “As a sector, we have been waiting for some time for regulations that would pave the way for unlicensed applications for self-consumption. The decision of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority for unlicensed electricity generation investments is very important for us. In this context; as sector representatives, we have welcomed this latest decision which sets the distribution prices to be applied to investors. According to the regulation, 50 percent discount from their consumer distribution tariff for production against consumption covered by offset, their consumer distribution tariff for the part where consumption after Offset is excess, 100 percent discount from their consumer distribution tariff for 10 years for excess production after Offset will be applied. We believe such incentives will further grow the sector. We find every step that supports our success in solar energy and unleashes our potential is very important.”

In this context, Demirdağ stated that another important issue concerning all current and potential solar investors has become more clear: “According to the phrase of new unlicensed regulation 5.1.; All applications, including residential, commercial and industrial facilities, production and consumption will be recorded at the same measurement point and will be set up in the land and will be evaluated within the scope of monthly offsetting. In the next step, a legal entity establishing a GES in any region has the right to consume this electricity in another region should be the next goal of the sector. With dual contracts and a guarantee of purchase at market price, solar power will develop rapidly towards becoming one of our largest domestic production resources,” he said.

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