Export Growth 68 percent The Borsan electrical and lighting group products grew 40 percent in 2018

1551430997_Mehmet_Arbek_Akay (Orta)Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group CEO Mehmet Arbek Akay evaluated the 2018 results as follows, “In 2018 we realized 236.8 million TL in exports and a total turnover of over 515 million TL. Our total turnover growth compared to 2017 resulted in over 40 percent. Also we achieved over 68 percent growth in export revenues compared to 2017. The proportion of exports in our total revenue, which was 38 percent in 2017, rose to 46 percent in 2018”. Akay also pointed out that Samsun’s first R&D Center in the cable and lighting sector was brought to life within the Borsan structure in 2018 and added “The Borsan R&D Center, which was certified by the Ministry of Industry and Technology on November 29, 2018, spans over an area of 350 square meters within the aluminum conductive cable production facility. In this center, where 19 R&D engineers and research staff work, specials equipment, devices are test programs are being used in special sections like the Fire Test Laboratory, Lighting Laboratory, Metal and Polymer Laboratory”.

1551430812_Ekran_Resmi_2018_09_08_11.32.40 (Orta)The goal for 2019 is to increase the export share and continue consistent growth in the domestic market
CEO Mehmet Arbek Akay, who pointed out that the Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group serving all 81 provinces with 7 Regional Headquarters in Turkey 2019, exports to a wide geography spread over 4 continents and over 75 countries summarized as follows: “In 2019 the domestic sales may be expected to follow a more horizontal course due to conjectural reasons but we, despite this, project a certain amount of growth. Exporting will continue to be our priority in 2019. We aim to bring the portion of our production directed to exports up to 65-70 percent and continue our value added and profitable growth consistency in the domestic market. We operate with the goal of sustainable and profitable growth and with the aim to add value to our country and our stakeholders. The importance of R&D, business culture based competitiveness, solid financial structure and, as in every business, corporate efficiency will be felt even more in 2019 due to conjectural dynamics. These are all subjects that Borsan has always placed importance on and kept itself strong for. Not only our products are at our focus but also assisting our customers in managing their own risks and costs are at the main focus and basic dynamic of our work.”

1551430791_borsan_cavi_kablo_uretim_fabrikasi2 (Orta)Adding value with quality – delivery – cost performance
Explaining that the Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group is included in the different scale infra and super structure projects of customers as a project partner, Akay said, “We have a product portfolio that meets the expectations and needs of the market with copper cables, aluminum cables, low voltage cables, other cables produced according to the specialized needs of different sectors and LED lighting products. We understand what our customer needs and provide the most suitable solution. Of course the quality of the products, delivery for the project to be completed on time and of course the main element of competitiveness is fair and advantageous Cost in such project partnerships. The real product we supply is the added value we provide with our Quality-Delivery-Cost performance. We are constantly improving ourselves, our systems and our processes to carry this added value, and therefore our competitive edge in line with our sustainability and profitable growth goals, further forward”.

Leading change with team work, business culture and process and people centric innovation

Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group  CEO Mehmet Arbek Akay, who pointed out that the access of today’s business world has been redefined with new dynamics, said “Many companies and institutions are working hard to keep up with this change. Whereas this effort to keep up is actually accepting, in advance, to fall behind change and be a follower. We believe not in keeping up but in leading change. This is what we aim for and what we apply. This is why we plan change and the innovative vision that ensures change based on the main focus of our own work and basic dynamics without getting stuck on rote approaches”.
Akay continued with the following: “The word innovation is generally used for products and production. This applies to many branches of business but it is vital to avoid making product innovation something rote. In the term ahead of us process and system innovations will take priority over product innovation and in fact, as long as technology keeps advancing the difference brought by product innovation will become increasingly marginal. The right culture and the right process management will become at least as important as product innovation and resource access in terms of competitive edge. We will observe that companies who can evaluate their processes sincerely, create realistic work models, establish sincere and trust based relationships with their stakeholders and think about value production not just based on their own work but comprehensively based on all their stakeholders excel in competitiveness. This is why we focus on team work, business culture, process and people focused innovation when creating a cultural transformation that will carry us into the future. With team work, people centric cultural transformation and process innovation we focus on the sustainable development of our Quality, Delivery and Cost performance and helping our customers manage their own risks and costs by setting up the competition game  based on the Added Value we have achieved this way. We see this as the key to sustainable and profitable growth.”

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