Global Leader in Power and Thermal Management Solutions Delta and TD Electronics Cooperated

Global Leader in Power and Thermal Management Solutions Delta and TD Electronics Cooperated

deltatd elektronik-minDelta is now stronger with TD Elektronik AS in Turkey;

TD Elektronik A.Ş professionally provides its business partners many services from their business partners, from the creation of market strategies for new products, to the creation of requests, to local distribution channels proposals, to financial risk accounts. Since this dynamic structure is similar to the Delta Electronic spirit, Delta company has used the preference of cooperation with TD Electronics in Turkey. We talked with product manager of TD Elektronik Murat ARIKPINAR who made the explanations above,


Would you tell us about Delta?

Delta Electronics Headquarters is located in Taiwan Taipei. The Founder Bruce C.H. Cheng was born in 1936, and in 1971 he established a company in Taiwan that produces TV parts with Delta brand. The fast-growing Delta quickly became the largest power electronics, adapter and power supplier of the world brand, the Dell brand. By attracting attention under its reliable products, Delta has become the most desired power supply solution brand all over the world (Apple is the largest customer of Delta and accounts for 8% of its 2016 revenue).

The founder Bruce C.H. Cheng continued to serve as the leader of Delta until 2012, then, in order to, improve the dynamism of the company his son Ping Delta in 2012 became CEO of the DELTA.


Delta PSU (Power Supply Unit)

Founded in 1971, Delta is a global leader in power and thermal management solutions. The mission of “developing innovative, clean and energy efficient solutions for a better tomorrow” focuses on key environmental issues such as global climate change. Delta’s Power Electronics, Automation and Infrastructure categories are the main suppliers of energy-saving solutions with its fundamental competencies in energy electronics and automation.

Image_drm-24v960w1pn.jpegDelta offers the most efficient power supply products in industry, including SMPS power supplies with over 90% efficiency, telecom power supplies up to 98% and PV converters delivering up to 98.8% efficiency. At the same time it has developed the world’s first server power source with 80% Titanium certified world with more than 96% efficiency. R&D investments are made in Taiwan, China, Europe, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, USA and at different points of the world.

Delta has international awards for innovation, design and corporate social responsibility. Since 2011, Delta has been selected every year for the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index World (DJSI World). In 2016, It has been included in the emerging market index (DJSI Emerging Markets Index) for 4 years. Delta has been appreciated with the CDP (formerly Climate Disclosure Project) studies at the Climate Change Leadership Level.

In response to the challenge of climate change, Delta will continue to develop and research innovative, energy-saving products, solutions and services that have made a significant contribution to the sustainable development.

Delta continues to deliver strong and stable financial performance, achieving annual growth rate of 31.0% since 1971. Delta’s worldwide consolidated sales revenue in 2016 was $ 7.782 billion.
Why TD Electronics has chosen to collaboration by Delta in Turkey?

TD Elektronik was founded in 2008 in partnership with the Italian company Tecnika Due Srl to distribute the components of LED-based Lighting Systems. By bringing new technologies in the lighting field in Turkey in a short time it has become a market leader and pioneer of the market.

In 2010, it continues its activities with 100% Turkish capital. As of today, TD Elektronik A.Ş. continues to serve its product range in the field of LED Lighting, Wireless Communication Systems, PCB Design and Power Supply unit, as a leader company in the Turkey market.

Image_mds-250apb12-aa.jpegIn 2012, TD Lighting Solutions (TLS) was established to provide intermediate solutions in the increasing LED-based lighting needs in a faster, reliable and quality manner. It also makes electronic, thermal and photometric tests with the latest system laboratory equipment, designing electronic card thanks to its own R&D and design engineers. It provides fast and high quality solution to its customers by fast and fully automatic assembly line with Capacity of 180,000 Component assembly at an hour’s in the fully ESD protected area.

TD Elektronik Inc. professionally provides its business partners with a wide range of services, from the creation of market strategies for new products to creating business partners, creating demand, proposals for local distribution channels and financial risk calculations.

The engineers of the sales team of TD Elektronik, work together with the customers in the R&D and U-Ge departments and use their knowledge and skills in the technological area for the success of the customers. TD Elektronik with consideration of that the success of business partners as its own success, is continuing its services in the global market.

because of that This dynamic spirit of TD Electronics is close to DELTA architecture, the Delta chooses TD Electronics as its partner in Turkey side.

When did Delta PSU came out with its own brand?

In 2008, Delta introduced its own brand of standard power supply units (PSU) you can find on this site which offer customers the same world class technology and quality that Delta’s ODM partners demand. Delta offers more standard power supply solutions for a wide variety of demand applications due to the rapid increase in the popularity of the CliQ DIN Rail Power Supply and PMC Panel Mount Power Supply series.


Why most of producers prefer Delta PSU?

The CliQ and CliQ II DIN Rail Power Supply series with excellent product features such as Power Boost are properly designed to withstand the toughest and harshest industrial environments with excellent product features such as Power Boost. Metal and plastic frame models have passed the impact and vibration tests according to the IEC 60068-2 standard and have received a certificate. Another DIN railing installation series is the Chrome DIN Rail Power Supply series, which is designed for use in compact cabinets that are widely adopted in the home automation and food and beverage industries. The Chrome series has been certified with major international safety standards, along with Information Technology Equipment (ITE) and Industrial Control Equipment (ICE).

Delta’s panel-mounted power supply units consist of PM series products that deliver the most commonly used nominal output voltages on the market with output power ranging from 15W to 600W. Single-phase power supply units have a wide operating temperature range from -20 ° C to + 70 ° C depending on the model. The products come with different connector options and are fully compatible with the environmentally friendly RoHS Directive 2011/65 / EU as well as all other Delta power supply units.

The latest generation of the Delta standard PSU is the PJ Open Case Power Supply series. The most commonly used output voltages and power ratios range from 15W to 150W. Low input current capability. PCBAs are also conformally coated to provide protection against dust and chemical contaminants. Well-known Japanese production connectors and capacitors that have proven themselves in the component’s market in production are used. Metal chassis and case cover options are available for different installation preferences.

In which sectors are Delta PSU products used?

The major steps of the DELTA psu in Turkey are as bellow;

Shipbuilding, Yachting, Port area, Intelligent building solutions, Door access control, Automatic doors, Ready made food machines, Machinery for different sectors, Hospital and Petrol and auxiliary machinery equipment manufacturers, Refinery – petrol stations, Factory automation and control systems. medical machinery equipment manufacturing companies, wind energy and solar energy control systems, home automation systems (It should be seen as a great opportunity for machinery manufacturers in Turkey).

The DELTA, which offers power supply solutions worldwide, Now serves solutions to manufacturer in turkey and middle east through TD electronics.
Which sectors sense more difference?

Cooperation will be developed in order to increase reliability and become a good solution partner in the domestic manufacturing machinery sector. There are products with German Loyd certification (DNVGL), which is one of the internationally recognized maritime certifications for shipbuilding industry.


Do they have products for the medical sector?

Delta Medical Power Solutions offers new types of AC adapters and open chassis models for these applications as part of its mission to deliver high quality and reliable power supplies for healthcare and medical applications.

These designs range from 40W to 400W and are certified to IEC60950-1 ITE standards and IEC60601-1 3rd edition medical standards (together with the risk management report) and are manufactured with an ISO 13485 certified, internationally recognized quality management system, to ensure excellence. In addition, the products meet the Energy Star V level requirement and draw less than 0.1mA of earth leakage.

These products, Designed and manufactured to fulfill Delta’s rigorous Design For Excellence (DFX) process, will provide the robustness, quality and performance needed by your medical and healthcare products.
How long have Delta PSU been with you?

By date of 1 January 2018, the Delta Industrial Power Supply will be on sales and distribution in Turkey via TD Electronics Inc. TD Electronic Technical knowledge, speed and service will have added extra power to Delta brand in Turkey’s market.