Honeywell Supports Middle East Technical University With Contribution Of Air Conditioning Control Systems And Software

Honeywell Supports Middle East Technical University With Contribution Of Air Conditioning Control Systems And Software

Honeywell (NYSE:HON) announced that it has donated a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems training platform to the Middle East Technical University (METU), to contribute to the education of future engineers on automation technologies.

The platform is helping educate students of mechanical engineering on air conditioning automation and control technologies, and gives them the opportunity to model the main processes in the field of building automation and air conditioning control. The donation has been made possible through the support of Honeywell Hometown Solutions, the corporate citizenship arm of Honeywell.

The HVAC platform was designed in partnership with the faculty members of the METU Mechanical Engineering Department and includes an air handling unit equipped with Honeywell field devices and controlled by Honeywell’s XL Web II controller. The whole system is connected to a integrated front-end application, called Honeywell Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI), to simulate an actual building HVAC system.

The HVAC platform gives the students the opportunity to undergo training on building automation and air conditioning systems, to model various automation scenarios and perform real-time experiments.

Honeywell President for Turkey and Middle Asia Orhan Geniş says “We are very proud of our ongoing cooperation with METU. Our cooperation, which started with the Process

2-Honeywell Supports Middle East Technical University

Automation Experiment Platform provided for the Electricity and Electronics Engineering Department, is continuing this year with the Mechanical Engineering Department. Thanks to this cooperation we can make a contribution to METU and support the increasing number of qualified technology and engineering students in our country. We believe that the students who use the latest technology during their education will adapt to professional working life more easily after graduation.”

METU, is a highly respected international research university not only in our country but throughout the world, and is in the front rank among Turkish universities with over 27,000 students and almost 2,000 international students. Delivering in depth education and research, widespread cooperation and international connections.

Prof. Dr. Tuna Balkan, Head of Department of METU Mechanical Engineering Department expresses his opinions on the project as follows: “The HVAC platform provided by Honeywell and designed with the cooperation of our academics will be very helpful for developing the experimental skills of our students. This is an excellent opportunity for our students to undertake hands on experiments with the very latest technology. This partnership with Honeywell will enable graduating students to be better prepared for the global workforce.”

The cooperation between Honeywell and METU began in 2014 with the donation of a process automation experiment platform, developed in cooperation with METU’s Electricity and Electronics Engineering Department Process Control Laboratory, to help engineering students learn about industrial process control systems.

Honeywell Turkey was established in 1992 and has offices in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir and partners with customers across Turkey. Many leading industrial facilities in our country are using Honeywell Process Solutions to enhance production quality, improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. Also many buildings and residences are provided with more comfortable living environments and safer working areas with the intelligent building technology provided by Honeywell.

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