Tunnel Excavation Electrical Machine, the Prysmian Group Delivers!

Prysmian Group, the leader in energy and telecommunication cables industry, produced a special cable designed for the Avrasya Tunnel, a project that will connect Asia and Europe for the first time via a highway tunnel underneath the seabed. The Tunnel Boring Machine used in the tunnel construction is powered by Prysmian Group’s specially designed cables.

tunel (2) (Medium)Prysmian Group Turkey, a leading supplier of cables for numerous industries in Turkey from transportation to construction, once again plays an important role in a major project. The tunnel-boring machine used in the 14.6-km long Avrasya Tunnel, for which the ground was broken in 2011, is powered by a special cable produced at Prysmian Group’s plant in Italy. A first in Turkey, the two-level tunnel has been designed to allow use by light vehicles like automobiles and minibuses only. The cable that matches the length of the Avrasya Tunnel will be used until the project is completed. The cable produced specially for this project boasts features like flexibility, impact-resistance and the ability to be rolled and unrolled multiple times. The cable that is used across the length of the Avrasya Tunnel, a project that will be realized with an investment of 1,245,121,000US$, has been specially designed for the tunnel boring machine, the second in the world with 11-bar pressure resistance.

tunel (3) (Medium)Prysmian Group has to date supplied cables for several major projects around the world and in Turkey, with the most recent being Marmaray’s Ayrılıkçeşmesi – Üsküdar and Yenikapı – Sirkeci tunnels, as well as Gerede Tunnels. Prysmian Group continues to produce special cables for many of Turkey’s first projects.

Driven by its mission of “Linking Turkey to the Future…” Prysmian Group Turkey takes part in major projects around the country, and continues to invest in the future. Carrying on activities in numerous areas from transportation to construction across Turkey, the Group keeps introducing innovations for the future of the country. Ilhan Öztürk, Prysmian Group Turkey, Special Cables Sales Director, said that they are very happy to be a part of this project, and added “We, Prysmian Group Turkey have added one more achievement to our successes in the field of specially produced cables. In addition to the cables we supply for underground projects, we also produce special cables that power special machinery in such major projects. As the technologies used in Turkey’s continuously growing construction industry improve, we as Prysmian Group Turkey also continue to adapt to new trends and enhance our product range.”

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