Invest in Kalyon Solar Technologies Factory Continues

Capacity Will Double and Employment Will Increase

With the increase in renewable energy investments and export opportunities in Turkey, the button was pressed to double the production capacity of the Kalyon Solar Technologies plant. The capacity of the factory, which produces solar panels with domestic and national facilities, is 500 megawatts, will be increased to 1000 megawatts by June 2021. With the increase in capacity, employment will also increase from 400 thousand to 2,100 thousand.


An agreement was signed with China-based CETC to increase the capacity of Kalyon Solar Technologies Factory, which was established with an investment of 400 million dollars in the Capital Organized Industrial Zone and started its operations on August 19. According to the planning, the capacity of the factory,which has the feature of being the first in the world in the production of cells and solar panels, will be increased from 500 Megawatts to 1000 Megawatts by gathering all 4 stages of solar panel production, including R&D, under a single roof.

While the Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Abdullah Tancan, Kalyon Holding Chairman of the Board Cemal Kalyoncu, and CETC Chairman Zhaoxiong Chen attended the signing ceremony held with the video conference system, capacity increase efforts will be completed by June 2021.

Both domestically and abroad

In the agreement between Turkey and China by video conference method, Kalyon Holding Chairman Cemal Kalyoncu said, “We are making new investments in renewable energy sources in a row on behalf of the future of our country and our people” and shared information about capacity increase: “We have decided to increase our investment even though we have just opened our factory. Because our country has high solar energy potential. In addition, when we look at the growing need in the world, we see that the export doors are open and there are serious demands both from home and abroad. We have a long-standing productive collaboration with CETC. We worked together with CETC on the installation of our existing factory. Today, we also sign an agreement providing for the purchase of the main equipment necessary for our capacity increase investment. The first production will begin in June 2021. Our employment number will increase from 400 people to 2,100 people.”

Kalyon Solar Panel“The result of the established cooperation”

CETC Chairman Zhaoxiong Chen emphasized both cooperation between Turkey and China and between galleon Holding and CETC: “two major countries, China and Turkey, maintain their cooperation in various fields steadily. There is an important cooperation between Kalyon Holding, one of the largest companies in Turkey, and CETC, the largest high-tech institution in China. Thanks to the sincere cooperation we established last year by overcoming challenges such as the Covid-19 outbreak, Turkey’s first photovoltaic industrial chain production line was established, which was highly praised by President Erdogan. The Covid-19 epidemic continues to have an impact all over the world, but the epidemic cannot stop our confidence and determination to work together. CETC sees this agreement as an opportunity to deepen its cooperation with Kalyon Holding. “

Will be installed for 1 billion dollars

With the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, solar panels produced with domestic and national facilities at the Kalyon Solar Technologies factory, which started to operate on August 19, 2020, were first used in the installation of the Karapınar Solar Power Plant. 20 million square meters; approximately 2 thousand 600 football field size of the installation of the plant will be the only human-made structure in Turkey visible from space when completed. The total investment cost will be $ 1 billion when the plant is completed, it will meet the annual electricity needs of 2 million people per year alone. Installation of the solar plant started on August 19, 2020, so far the installed power has reached 40 megawatts and electricity production has started at the plant.

Support for energy production

An R&D Center, where more than 100 researchers will work, was established in Kalyon Solar Technologies Factory with the aim of producing the technology of the future. The R&D Center, which has a closed area of 2,500 m², also has a 5,000 m² open area test platform. In the R&D Center, joint projects will be carried out with Hasan Kalyoncu University, METU Solar Research Center and TÜBİTAK within the scope of university – sector cooperation. By making R&D partnerships with the world’s leading institutions and organizations that are experts in their fields, it is aimed to produce domestic and national technology, as well as to develop the domestic sub-industry and raw material supply chain.

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