Kaltes Electricity Offers Quality Production and Customer Focused Optimal Solutions

Kaltes Electricity Offers Quality Production and Customer Focused Optimal Solutions

kaltes pano (Large)“I think we will see a great deal of interest with the pan assembly busbar system, which has a lot of attention in the Middle East and Africa market, where we are going to launch the new market, and can connect the switch without the need of cable. The ABB and LG-LS brands and the type tests we got for SETLAK brand panels provided us with significant benefits under the Projects.”  We talked with Kaltes Electricity Foreign Trade and Marketing Manager Mr. Onur OZBAS who made above explanations about company and sector.

First of all, can we talk briefly about Kaltes Elektrik?

Kaltes Elektrik was founded by business partners with more than 30 years of experience in order to meet the need for quality production and to provide  customer focused optimum solutions . Kaltes electricity, which takes its power from 5.500m 2 indoor area with its latest technology production tools, its environmentally friendly electrostatic powder coating plant and its expert staff, is able to produce a wide range of products from wall type panels developed in line with the needs of industry in this sector..

KALTES PANO10 (Large)Your company produces panel and cabinet Can you give information about your production and products?

As Kaltes electricity we have a modern facility that produces at world standards. In addition to 2 serial production lines, our plant has 2 punches, 5 bending press machines, 1 automatic gasket machine, 1 automatic welding robot, and numerous gas welding machines in our production facility which manufactures under ISO9001 / 14001 and 18001 environment and quality standards. Also we have a powder coating facility using surface cleaning system which is only 3 pieces in Turkey and 450 pieces in the world.

Kaltes attaches great importance to the planning of production in order to be able to pass on demands in a professional manner. By making advance planning from the order stage to the shipment stage, technical drawings and graphic works are professionally made thanks to expert staff. After every stage of production is calculated here, it starts with production system and is transferred to the specified date. It is our first principle that the order received as Kaltes be manufactured in perfect condition. From the smallest product to the most comprehensive projects, the production of our products is perfected by our expert technicians thanks to the state-of-the-art machinery.

kaltes pano 8 (Large)Regarding the products, we produce cabinets and rack cabinets under SETLAK and SETRAK brands. We offer solutions to our partners in a wide range of products from the standard production wall panels up to the Ip55 protection class in Ip65 protection class type panels. Standing type panels are completely modular. In addition, thanks to its easy installation, it provides the flexibility and convenience to its customers and keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level. TSE approved low-current segmented domestic panels have a high demand in domestic projects.

I think we will see a great deal of interest with the pan assembly busbar system, which has a lot of attention in the Middle East and Africa market, where we are going to launch the new market, and can connect the switch without the need of cable. The ABB and LG-LS brands and the type tests we got for SETLAK brand panels provided us with significant benefits under the Projects. We have signed many reference projects on main distribution, compensation, counter, transfer and synchronization panels. In many government agencies and private sector projects, our products are used in many projects with the advantage brought by our brand approval. We also work with the leading domestic and foreign companies in the construction sector. use of our products by Agaoglu, Tahincioğlu, Sinpaş, Kiptaş, as well as the  in the projects of world-famous companies such as EMAAR is  proof of our quality. The biggest factor behind this success is the special solutions we offer our business partners. As you know, each project has its own unique differences. As long as you can offer a specific solution for your projects, you are one step ahead.

kaltes pano2 (Large)As a company we see you in many exhibitions abroad? In which countries do you mainly export as Kaltes?

As a company, we attach great importance to exports. We plan to improve the export market as much as possible in order to be able to contribute to the national income. We are currently exporting all over the Middle East through our distributors to many countries in Africa, especially in North Africa. As regards Turkic Republics, Kazakhstan is an important doorway to our export point. Although there have been short-term turbulences due to crises in Russia and Ukraine, we are glad that the revival is taking place these days. Apart from this, there are different locations in our exports, Canada and Maldives are important markets we export. We joined the exhibitions in Mexico last month. We had positive negotiations. We are also hopeful for the South American market..

Do you participate in projects abroad? Do you have project-based works?

We have already finished many projects abroad. The most important of them is the establishment of BP in Basra, shopping center and residential dwellings in Iraq. There are a few projects we pursue in the African region. We expect to clarify in the next months.

The IT sector grows fast technologically? What kind of work do you have in this regard?

As you mentioned, the IT sector is developing rapidly. We have achieved an important step with the standing and wall-mounted RACK Cabinets available in our current product range. However, as the sector is a dynamic sector, we are following developments closely. Needs are increasing day by day and we continue our work in this direction at this point.

kaltes pano3 (Large)There is serious competition in the sector. What would you like to say in this regard?

Competition is good, but it also contributes to you as long as developing the sector. Having business health, environment and quality management systems, manufacturing quality products, classifying certificates and products … Each of them brings serious cost. Of course, this has a natural cost difference. However, it is important for consumers to appreciate the difference between ordinary producers and companies operating in this framework. However, unfortunately in the market conditions “apple” and “pear” are not much distinguished (to distinguish quality). We hope that this distinction becomes more apparent at the point of consumers. We are convinced that the sector will also improve this distinction.

How do you conduct your overseas studies?

Our priority is fairs. We participate in many exhibitions during the year. Our customer group directly participates in the fairs. We are also visiting on an individual basis. After reviewing the data we collected, we visit the people we have contacted. Besides this, we are in close contact with our friends who export complementary products. We are trying to increase the market share by creating a market for all of us by sharing potential customers. Obviously, how much Turkish company exports for our country is so good. Because our vacancies are rapidly filling up with producers in other countries. It is in our power to prevent.  It is important to act together to target new customers rather than focusing on the same customers. It is much more productive both in terms of the country’s economy and our industry.

kaltes pano4 (Large)What is the most difficult factor in your studies abroad?

Personally, it can sometimes be annoying to spend a few days in your home instead of the general positive perception of traveling a lot. But if we are doing this, we will endure the difficulties and we do so.

In business terms, it is obviously necessary to raise the Turkish brand sense. I think it will help us in terms of competition. There is also a government promotion matter. The rules are very strict, the documents requested are much more, but we overcome these procedures. Regarding payments, a fair incentive is returned as an average of 10-12 months. However, faster returns give us more support at the point of going to new markets.

How do you view Turkish products when selling goods and services abroad? How are benchmarks determined?

Obviously there is no negative perception. We are even better in the Middle East. However, brand and country awareness in terms of competitiveness naturally make a difference. We have to keep our price scale in the middle segment. As awareness increases, we can maximize our profitability. The present comparison, European brands are good at quality point but demand factor at price point as China is a compelling factor. But I hope that we can overcome this perception when we do quality work.

kaltes pano9 (Large)As Kaltes foreign trade department, what are your future goals?

We established the foreign trade department in 2013. From that day to this, we came to this point with a rapid acceleration. We are delighted to reach a number of destinations  including Canada, which we  mentioned that target on a television program in 2014. Of course these targets are updated every year. We aim to increase our market share in the Middle East this year. South America is our main target as a new market and to reach more countries in Africa. We have serious working in the direction of exhibition attendance and visits in this direction.