Limak Energy, which serves 5 million customers, raises awareness of citizens about the efficient use of energy with the My Energy Consultant Project. The company conveys its recommendations for providing efficiency in the homes and workplaces it visits within the scope of the project according to both general savings studies and the special situations of the home or workplace they go to.

Limak Energy has implemented the Energy Consultant Project, which gives tips to its consumers about energy saving. With the Energy Consultant Team formed within the scope of the project, it visits homes and workplaces and raises awareness about savings and efficiency. During the visit, the energy consumption of electronic devices, lighting, heating and cooling systems is examined and how these devices should be used and positioned is explained. Tim goes through a checklist of measures to be taken to ensure energy savings and efficiency at the locations he visits. Thus, it is ensured that users can see their current status during visits. At the same time, savings and efficiency recommendations offered specifically to users show how to reduce both energy consumption and bill amounts. The project aims to reach many homes and workplaces all over Turkey and spread the awareness of saving.

"In the workplace where the recommendations were implemented, savings of up to 20 percent per month were achieved in electricity bills"

In the market visited by the team, information was given on issues such as air conditioning, how electronic devices such as small household appliances used for personnel needs in the market and food and beverage cabinets should be used and positioned correctly, how savings can be made in heating and cooling systems, and the right choice of lighting. Within the scope of the project, the last electricity bill of the market was examined and savings tips were given and how they could reduce the bill amounts were explained. We were told how much could be saved per month and year with the measures to be taken. While the electricity bill in the selected sample enterprise was 2,031 TL, they were enabled to reduce their bills up to 1,625 TL with the energetic tips given. Thus, the business owner will save 20 percent per month and save up to approximately 5,000 TL per year.

Explaining the details of the project, Limak Energy Uludağ Electricity General Manager Ali Erman Aytac said, "Within the scope of our project, we visit our users in different energy consumption groups one by one and provide information about the use of electrical devices, how to achieve savings and efficiency. By identifying electronic goods used in activities such as lighting, heating and cooling, we look at their consumption values. Our Energy Consultant advises on the correct use of electronic devices in a way that saves money."

Aytac, who also gave savings tips, continued his words as follows; "Our tradesmen can save significant amounts by positioning their cold food cabinets in suitable areas within the market instead of positioning them in front of the supermarket because it will increase energy consumption during periods of high outdoor temperature. By using an energy monitoring and management system, our tradesmen can manage their energy use more professionally and reduce their operating expenses. With efficient and controlled use, they can save 13 percent in ventilation systems, 10 percent in beverage cabinets, and 3 percent with lighting and socket control. By using energy management systems, our tradesmen will be able to use their energy more efficiently and economically by a total of 26 percent."  

Use Your Electricity Efficiently with My Energy Consultant

Within the scope of the My Energy Consultant Project, the company's specially prepared web page shows how much energy the electronic devices consume. Thanks to the application, citizens can calculate how much energy they consume in their own homes and workplaces and become their own energy consultants.

When citizens reach the My Energy Consultant page via address, determine the number of devices they use at home according to their own usage habits, they can calculate the energy consumption in kWh and see the amount that will affect their bills. When these values are entered for all devices used at home, the monthly invoice amount appears. They can also access detailed information about how to save energy for white goods such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and electronic goods such as televisions. Limak Energy, which allows its customers who do not have access to the web to meet with the Energy Consultant through the call center, plans to position an "Energy Consultant" in each processing center in the future.