We Serve Both Turkey and World Markets with Our Domestic Production

Sigma Elektrik Genel Müdürü Murat Akgül Yerli Üretimimizle Hem Türkiye’ye Hem de Dünya Pazarlarına Hizmet Veriyoruz

The biggest feature that distinguishes us from our competitors is that we are engaged in domestic and national production. In addition, we offer a different service experience in the sector with our customer satisfaction and after-sales support services, our structure that is available 7 days a week, our wide range of services and solution partners spread over seven regions of Turkey.”

Sigma Electric General Manager Murat Akgül
  • The sector has gone through a difficult period with Covid-19. What have you experienced in this process as a company and how have you carried out the process?

The pandemic process has led to changes in the low-voltage switchgear sector along with many sectors. There was a change in the working conditions and dynamics of the sector. As Sigma Elektrik, we quickly adapted our working conditions to the new period with our structure that adapts quickly to instant changes and is compatible with change. We have taken all necessary measures to protect the health of our colleagues, who are our greatest value and resource. In this period, we moved our domestic and international meetings to online platforms by considering public health. For a seamless online experience, as Sigma Elektrik, we have renewed all our technology and infrastructure. We continued to carry out our in-house trainings through online channels.

In economic terms, we have made financial models on an annual basis in order to ensure that this period goes smoothly for our employees, suppliers and all our stakeholders. We have designed the whole process from our payment plans, raw materials and stocks to a model that will work smoothly. With our human resources, technology and economic management program, we successfully managed the process without being adversely affected by Covid-19.  

  • You are experiencing the justified pride of being one hundred percent domestic by manufacturing in the electricity sector switchgear group in Turkey. In this field, could you tell us about the position and power of your brand in order to give a new perspective to the sector in the field of electrical materials switchgear of our country?

As Sigma Elektrik, we entered the low voltage switchgear products sector with the production of automatic fuses in 1993. Since 2009, we have been producing with more than 250 expert staff within the Ünlü Group. With our domestic production, we serve both Turkey and the world markets. With our extensive sales organization and solution partners in seven regions of Turkey, we serve with our distributors in 82 countries in Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Asia regions.

As Sigma Electric, in the low voltage switchgear products sector; We operate with various Low Voltage Protection, Control and Measuring Devices, especially Circuit Breakers, Automatic Fuses, Current Transformers, Power Contactors, Earth Leakage Protection Switches, Fused Load Separators and NH Fuses. The biggest feature that distinguishes us from our competitors is that we are engaged in domestic and national production. In addition, we offer a different service experience in the sector with our customer satisfaction and after-sales support services, our structure that is available 7 days a week, our wide range of services and solution partners spread over seven regions of Turkey. In addition, more than 2 thousand product items in 30 different product groups and our R & D studies are some of our strengths that bring us to the forefront.

  • Are there any innovations to be announced to the sector for the first time in your participation in A-tech Fair? Will you have a new product launch as domestic and foreign collaborations or technological development?

A-Tech 2021, which has been organized every year since 2017 and which we have regularly attended since the first year, is a fair that we attach great importance to in terms of reaching sector professionals, exchanging ideas, technology development and new collaborations. At A-Tech 2021, which was held at the Istanbul Expo Center between 18-21 November this year, as Sigma Elektrik, we introduced dozens of our products that we offer to the sector and for the first time we introduced our new product Resealed Residual Current Protection Switch to our participants.

  • What kind of innovation will your new product Closed Residual Current Protection Switch bring to the sector? What are the highlights of this product? (Safety-Ease of Use-energy efficiency etc.)

Resealed Residual Current Protection Switch is among our products that we have developed with the latest technology that prevents time, labor and production losses. While the re-installation of fuses or residual current protection switches that are disabled due to temporary situations is provided by manual human intervention, it may cause loss of safety, time and labor. In traditional switches, when the switch is interrupted due to a leak or a different problem, the switch has to be made manually by human intervention. This manual intervention can lead to many problems such as rotting of food in refrigerators and deterioration of electrical goods in periodic areas such as summer houses. In the same way, the need for human intervention in production facilities can lead to serious production and cost, especially in cases such as night shifts, when the intervention is delayed. With the help of residual current protection switches and a re-shut-off unit added to the automatic fuses, we minimize manual operations while emphasizing safety and user convenience.

In the case of a leakage current, this product first cuts off the electricity for a short time and then opens the circuit again. If the problem continues, it cuts the electricity again on the condition that it is a little longer, then reactivates it. This process can be repeated 3 times. If the problem still persists, it informs with a warning system and prevents fire or different accidents by cutting off the current. We believe that we will open the doors of a new era in the sector with this product. With the help of residual current protection switches and the re-closing unit we add to the automatic fuses, we reduce manual operations and increase their safety while providing convenience to users. In addition, we allow remote on-off operations with our product to which we add buttons that can be connected to auxiliary contacts. Thus, we minimize interruptions in production facilities such as factories and workshops and keep production losses to a minimum. In residences, we increase comfort and safety.

  • If you want to evaluate 2021 as Sigma, what would you say?

We have performed well despite the pandemic conditions of the last two years, rising raw material prices, difficulties in accessing raw materials and many restrictions. We will close 2021 with a turnover above our expectations with the contribution of our new products added to our product range in both domestic and foreign markets. Of course, the investments we have made for many years and a serious teamwork have a great contribution to this success.

  • Can you tell us about Sigma’s goals and new investments next year?

We are also very hopeful for 2022 and beyond. We started the construction of new factories to meet the increasing demands. We plan to start production in our new factory in the second half of next year. In this way, in addition to expanding the existing production lines, we will further strengthen our “Domestic Producer” identity by producing new product groups in our country. With the new products that we will produce for the first time next year, we will expand our product range and offer it to the service of the sector and our users. Within this framework, we have also planned our new machinery and mold investments. Despite all the difficult conditions, we have created a growth-oriented budget. We believe that we will realize this growth-oriented budget with the actions we will take again.