Makelsan Makes Noise At The Elektro-Moscow 2014 Exhibition

Makelsan Makes Noise At The Elektro-Moscow 2014 Exhibition

Makelsan, a leading company in ups sector, participated at Elektro exhibition at Expo Exhibition and congress center. Makelsan showcased its latest products ate its stand.

Makelsan (1) (Medium) MAKELSAN, Import & Export Manager Deniz Taner commented: ‘’Our wide spectrum of products, high quality and technology has drawn a great interest from the visitors. We were able to find new solution partners and overall we had a successful exhibition. Through this event we will be able to share our ever improving technology and producst with new clients both in moscow’’ Electro 2014, Moscow. Lots of customers interested in our New LEVEL UPS Series 3 phase Ups and Digital Voltage Stabilizers. All designed & manufactured in Turkey.

Our production begins with the principle, we continue to serve the highest technology behind our motto ‘’Our quality today is our security tomorrow’’. We realise that tecnology is the driving force behing the changes in the world and in our lives. To make the daily life easier and to increase efficiency we have combined innovation with technology.

Our priority is customer satisfaction therefore we do not sacrifice on quality and we make sure that the production is on time. MAKELSAN will continue to increase its influence both locally and internationally.

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