METU Scientists Break Record for Highest Efficiency Solar Cells

hrThe scientists at Middle East Technical University – Northern Cyprus Campus (METU NCC) have reached a new solar cell record with the latest development holding an efficiency rate of over 30%. Depending on the solar cell structure, the efficiency is currently around 5 to 30%.  “The next step is to develop new versions that will allow for higher efficiencies,” said Cumali Sabah, an associate professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at METU NCC and coordinator of the solar cell research, which has been going on at the Campus for the past two years. “This result shows that we could significantly extend the ability of solar cells to absorb and convert sunlight into clean energy if we work non-stop on the project,” he added.

Research findings attracted considerable international attention

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cumali Sabah, sunlight-absorbers are generally made from semiconductor materials. To increase the efficiency of absorbers in use today, the METU NCC research team targeted to develop a structure that can replace semiconductor. Using the designed structure -a new perfect metamaterial absorber that allows the solar cells to capture energy at the highest possible level, the team involving MA students, achieved over 30% efficiency, and thus, broke records for solar cell efficiency after a two-year effort.

The research results have been published in the prestigious journals  “Waves in Random and Complex Media” and “Vacuum”.

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