Mitsubishi Electric Creates Difference in New Generation Digital Factories


Mitsubishi Electric Creates Difference in New Generation Digital Factories


Yemmak, leading Turkish process machines manufacturer exporting its products to 33 countries in four continents, has contracted Mitsubishi Electric, a world giant in electric, electronics and automation, for its own plants and machine production processes. As a rare manufacturer in Turkey and Europe which is able to manufacture machine and equipment on feed, chemistry, waste processing and biomass engineering in addition to devising turn-key process solutions through its central management, Yemmak also provides its customers with digital factory infrastructure solutions compatible with Industry 4.0 thanks to the high tech factory automation products and services of Mitsubishi Electric.

Known for manufacturing and assembling machines for hundreds of feed plants in Turkey and the rest of the world by producing high quality projects and technologies in its plant constructed on a surface area of 50 thousand sqm in Bandırma, Yemmak undertakes significant collaborations with automation leader Mitsubishi Electric. As a company that exports around 70 percent of its production to 33 countries in 4 continents including Middle East, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and other Turkic Republics, Russia and Ukraine, Yemmak relies on Mitsubishi Electric’s high technology for factory automation systems in its plants and machines. While Yemmak develops digital factory infrastructure solutions compatible with Industry 4.0 thanks to the factory automation products and engineering services provided by Mitsubishi Electric, it is distinguished as a rare manufacturer which is capable of managing the entire process from a single machine to turn-key solution through a central management structure in Turkey and Europe.


Energy saving and eco-friendly projects increasing productivity

Yemmak Director Halil Yırtımcı indicated that Yemmak has a vast know-how of 50 years in providing industrial process solutions for feed, waste processing, biomass and chemistry industries and gave information about the collaboration of the company with Mitsubishi Electric:

“Yemmak produces energy saving and eco-friendly projects increasing productivity in enterprises by keeping up with the developments in technology. We offer after-sales services to our customers in addition to project consultancy, design, manufacturing, assembly, modernization and automation services. At the outset of projects, we create an automation scenario for factories with Mitsubishi Electric and we develop suitable solutions together. We ensure management, reporting and manufacturing control of the production processes for raw materials and semi-products admitted to the enterprise. We render automation services by making it possible to monitor the processes at plants.”


“Mitsubishi Electric fulfils our expectations satisfactorily”

Halil Yırtımcı noted that Yemmak promotes its manufacturing processes with Mitsubishi Electric’s F and Q Series PLC, HMI, AC Inverter and LVS products and went on to indicate that the company prefers Mitsubishi Electric products and software for its R&D activities as well. Yırtımcı underlined that Yemmak, a global leader in its industry, collaborates with Mitsubishi Electric which is distinguished for its robust technological know-how in all of the process automation projects:

“We have to use the best equipment in order to avoid production losses. We are able to fulfil the expectations of our customers in a timely and satisfactory manner thanks to the high durability and operational capability of Mitsubishi Electric products. Mitsubishi Electric’s CC-Link communication technology enables the machines in the factories to communicate faster and more easily. Capabilities and ease of use of GX Works PLC software provide added value to our projects. Furthermore, we are able to use the products that are recently launched easily thanks to the periodical training and on-going support given by Mitsubishi Electric.”

Yırtımcı underlined that the innovative products and high quality services offered by Mitsubishi Electric as a recognized world leader in technology respond to the expectations of the users quite satisfactorily and concluded his speech by saying: “We hope Mitsubishi Electric which is known for its dedication to innovation will continue to develop new products and we will have a productive collaborations for many years.”

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