Mitsubishi Electric Grows Rapidly In Turkey

Mitsubishi Electric believes in Turkey’s young population and rapid growth potential 

mitsubishi electric (1) (Medium)With more than 120,000 employees in 42 countries and consolidated net sales of more than $37 billion, Mitsubishi Electric continues to grow rapidly in Turkey, a priority market for the company. Mitsubishi Electric started its operations in Turkey at the end of 2012 and has also received a great deal of attention from the use of its technology in the Marmaray Project and the TURKSAT 4A satellite. Mitsubishi Electric believes that given Turkey’s young population, its industry will grow rapidly, increasing the country’s need for factory automation and energy saving technologies. Mitsubishi Electric has the technologies to meet these challenges.

Mitsubishi Electric Turkey aims for a turnover of TL 270 million

mitsubishi electric (6) (Medium)Mitsubishi Electric has developed groundbreaking technologies and products such as, at the time, the world’s biggest and longest LED screen, the first spiral escalator, the world’s fastest elevators, and the world’s first antenna technology to enable internet access on commercial flights. The company is now working to contribute to the Turkish economy with high-quality products and technologies used around the world. Mitsubishi Electric Turkey offers sales and after-sales services for factory automation systems and air-conditioning; The company’s technologies are also used in communication satellites, elevators, power supplies and transportation infrastructure projects. Mitsubishi Electric Turkey has been growing rapidly since its foundation and aims at a turnover of 12 billion Japanese Yen, or approximately TL 270 million for the fiscal year 2015.

As Mitsubishi Electric Turkey grows, it will create more employment opportunities

mitsubishi electric (10) (Medium)Mitsubishi Electric Turkey started its operations at the end of 2012. Shortly after it merged with its factory automation distributor Genel Teknik Sistemler (GTS) and in 2014 acquired KlimaPlus, its air-conditioning distributor in Turkey for more than 10 years. The company’s President Masahiro Fujisawa said,

“We expanded our activities significantly and achieved a high level of growth last year. We believe that we will be able to create more employment opportunities as we expand our activities and further strengthen our brand in Turkey.”

Creating an environmentally conscious society with an increased commitment to recycling

Masahiro Fujisawa emphasized the company’s environmentally friendly approach in developing its products and said, “In 2007, we created “Environmental Vision 2021”, our long-term environmental management vision. Its targets are to coincide with the company’s 100th anniversary in 2021. Some of the main objectives of this vision are to encourage environmental awareness and to create a low carbon-emission society with an increased commitment to recycling.”

“We are committed to bringing value to Turkey”

Mitsubishi Electric‘s philosophy is to enrich society with technology. Fujisawa commented that “As Mitsubishi Electric, we see a great many opportunities to adopt this philosophy in Turkey. We are very excited to be here and are committed to bringing value to the country.”

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