New Modular USB Socket By Viko

vkFrom smart phones to MP3 players, mobile electronic devices are essential for our lives. The most important issue, on the other hand, is the short battery life. Imagine the real problem if you would forget your charger or adapter.

Viko, leader of the electric switches and sockets industry, is now offering a solution for this issue with its new product.  Modular USB sockets by Viko make it possible to recharge your electronic devices without the need for an adapter using a USB connector. It is a common issue to forget the charger of our smartphones which we depend on for most of our activities.  However, sometimes it is hard or impossible to carry an adapter with us. Viko is now introducing an innovation which is the perfect solution to recharge electronic devices using just a USB connector.

Viko Modular USB sockets are offering immediate charging opportunity without the need for an adapter and are equipped with 5V 1A energy output and 2 USB sockets.  Thus, it is possible to recharge 2 separate devices using the same socket. Modular USB sockets by Viko are ideal for homes and places which receive several people in a day such as hotels and cafés.

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