Pelsan Lighting 40. Celebrating the Anniversary!


Pelsan Lighting, one of the leading and pioneering manufacturers of the lighting sector in Turkey, celebrated its 40th anniversary with the participation of the leading companies and institution representatives of the sector together with its dealers from all over Turkey.

Pelsan Lighting, which offers the most effective solutions with its system design consisting of the effective creation, direction and positioning of light, hosted its dealers and the opinion leaders of the sector between 24-28 May 2022 in the factory building where it moved in 2017. Guests had the opportunity to see all production processes by touring the fully integrated production facility, which is one of the largest in Europe.

Following the factory tours held on 4 different days in the facility specially designed for the production of lighting fixtures, Pelsan Lighting crowned its 40th anniversary celebrations with a gala invitation held at Crowne Plaza Asia on Saturday, May 28 and attended by 1250 guests.
During the night, Pelsan Lighting founder Reşit Göğüş, who held an interview moderated by Burcu Esmersoy, and Yurdem and Yiğit Göğüş as the second generation shared Pelsan’s 40-year story and future vision with the guests.
In the speech, which touched on the fact that Pelsan Lighting is an important production base next to Europe, the speakers emphasized that lighting will be much more important in energy saving today, in the fight against famine, in the fight against viral diseases and in the security of cities in the near future, and explained that they have revealed the vision of the coming years with the investments they will make in new technologies in these areas.

Pelsan Lighting, which has experienced and expert staff, responds to the needs of the sector from a single address with 3,000 different luminaires it produces.

Pelsan Lighting, which has lighting laboratories approved by the Turkish Accreditation Agency in 23 different fields, provides the opportunity to use these laboratories to the professionals of the sector as well as the tests of the luminaires within its own structure.

Pelsan Lighting, which has carried out important and successful lighting projects all over the world, exports to 67 countries all over the world from Sweden to Italy, from Rwanda to Ivory Coast.

Pelsan Lighting, which invests in the future of students in cooperation with universities and vocational high schools with its “Support to Education” project, which is one of its social responsibility projects, has lighting laboratories in Istanbul Technical University, Yıldız Technical University and Kocaeli University.Reşit Göğüş also gave the good news that Pelsan Lighting Vocational High School will be established in Ataşehir.

Pelsan Lighting is rapidly moving towards becoming a regional power with its new factory built with a closed area of 35.000 m2 and an open area of 26.500 m2.