Producing The First Domestic High Voltage Circuit Breaker in Our Country

High Voltage Circuit BreakerAs a result of the project we conducted within the scope of R&D, our high voltage circuit breaker with rated voltage of 170kV and current of 50kA have been successfully delivered to our customers by passing the type tests performed in Cesi/KEMA laboratories. Once again as ASTOR, we are proud of producing the first domestic high voltage circuit breaker in our country.

Despite the market shrinkage due to the pandemic, Astor continues to grow and invest with all its strength in line with its goals. Adopting the understanding of continuous quality, the company continues to contribute to the goals of our country without slowing down its production and sales in its factory established with the latest technology.

Astor, which started its R&D studies in 2006, started its first TUBITAK-supported project in 2009, and continued its R&D studies systematically. Having received the R&D center certificate in 2016, ASTOR has made a very important development by placing R&D at the center of all its activities within the scope of its “R&D Centered Growth” strategy.

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