Project to Provide Solar Energy to Erzincan Airport Opened

Project to Provide Solar Energy to Erzincan Airport Opened

Erzincan Airport solar power electricity generation facility (GES), one of the first projects in Turkey to meet nearly half of the airport’s self-consumption, has started to produce energy.

The importance given to renewable energy sources in Turkey is increasing every day. In our country, which is one of the most advantageous regions of the world in terms of solar energy, Turkey is benefiting more from this unlimited energy source with projects taking place one after the other. One of these projects was recently opened and commissioned. Technology giant Panasonic has started energy production at Erzincan Airport Solar Power Power Plant (GES), one of the first projects in Turkey to meet nearly half of airport self-consumption, using Panasonic products bearing the initiative electricity signature.


The project will meet nearly half the energy needs of Erzincan Airport…

In the field of solar energy, Panasonic has signed many important projects in our country as well as in the world and gave life to an important Project in Turkey. The company, the inventor of the HIT solar energy technology, known as the most efficient solar panel, opened the Erzincan Airport Solar Power Generation Plant (GES), which was realized with the cooperation of Girişim Electric. According to the information provided by Girişim Elektrik, which makes the investment on a turn-key basis, the plant will meet nearly half of the electricity consumed at Erzincan Airport with 2.09 MWh of electricity production annually and bring back the surplus to the grid. For the project, 3,779 325 W panels were installed and 2.09 MWp power was reached in 6,310 m2 panel area. The project using Panasonic HIT was completed in 7 months. Girişim Electric also installed a panel-based monitoring system supported by inverter and optimizer technology for the project, keeping the energy producibility of the SCADA system at high levels and making the project final.

It is necessary to tend to renewable energy sources…

One of the most important problems of our world today is the need for energy. A large proportion of fossil resources are currently being used to meet this need. The damages to the environment of extensively used fossil fuels are now well known. In order to produce clean energy, it is necessary to turn to renewable energy sources. Turkey has an average sunbathing time of 7.2 hours per day and 2,650 hours per year in terms of solar potential. This value is said to be very good in terms of efficiency. Panasonic has carried out many important projects in Turkey using HIT solar energy technology, which is known as one of the most efficient solar panels today. Erzincan Airport Solar Power Plant is one of them. The product used in the project has a panel efficiency of 19.4% and a world record temperature coefficient of -0.258% / C. Panasonic has a 15-year product warranty and a 25-year performance guarantee for its projects. At the end of the 25th year, the products continue to operate with a performance value of 86.2%.

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