Safely Handle Lightning Currents Up To 50 kA With The Phoenix Contact FLT-SEC-PLUS 264

ASDAThe new FLT-SEC-PLUS 264 type 1 lightning current arresters from Phoenix Contact are used in mains supplies with 230/400 volt networks. Even in the event of high lightning currents up to 50 kA per position, systems are protected and can continue running unaffected.

Thanks to Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology, the protective devices feature high performance and durability. The spark gap safely prevents any line follow current. The advantage of this is that the load of the entire installation is reduced to a minimum in the event of lightning.

The compact design enables space-saving and flexible installation. A separate arrester backup fuse is therefore no longer needed for currents up to 500 A. Products are available for protecting single and three-phase power supply systems. Downstream components are protected due to the low voltage protection level of the devices.

The easy-to-read status indicator and the floating remote indication contact keep the user informed about the status of the devices at all times. Recurring inspections of the protective devices are carried out quickly and easily with the Checkmaster 2 test device. The type 1 arresters are tested and certified as type 2 combination arresters.

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