Schréder to Offer Distinctive Solutions for Urban Transformation Projects and the Lighting of Touristic Places

Schréder to Offer Distinctive Solutions for Urban Transformation Projects and the Lighting of Touristic Places

Cusco_3 (Medium)A giant for outdoor lighting Schréder, has proved once again its capacity in offering best lighting solutions for any type of locations, modern and historical with its revitalisation projects such as Cuzco, the capital of the Inka Empire and the Genval Paper Mill in Brussels.

As an example of its urban transformation projects, Schréder, applying best lighting solutions for different projects has completed recently the Genval Paper Mill Project located in the region of Reixensart, by turning the area into a new living space for elderly people. A further Project of Schréder was its lighting solution of the city Cuzco, the former capital of the Inka Empire, which can be demonstrated as an example for touristic and historical spaces. By installing a traditional lighting solution at Cuzco, once the capital of the Inka Empire and hidden in higher altitudes of the Andes, Schréder contributed to the increase of the number of those visiting the historical centre.


Cuzco reviving with Schréder

The lighting in the historical centre of Cuzco, once the capital of the Inka Empire, hosting every year about 2 million tourists, who set off onto the journey to discover the ruins of the civilisation of Machu Picchu and Inka spread over the valley, has been renewed by Schréder within the scope of the major structuring plan. After the project, the streets of Cuzco, known as the oldest city location of America, were no longer hidden in history, mystery and beauty despite the cultural heritage. As a part of the restructuring program, the lighting in the historical center of the city revealed the architectural heritage of the city, created a friendly and niece nocturnal atmosphere with an energy efficient solution. Schréder offered a lighting solution which integrated excellently with the landscape consisting of buildings, squares and streets belonging to the time before and after the colonial period.
High performance, classic design Cascis LED armatures with brilliant white light giving the feeling of safety and comfort have been installed as best solution. More than 100 armatures equipped each with 48 LEDs were installed on the main roads and squares. New armatures mounted on decorative poles replaced former 150W lamps and ensured an energy saving of 40%.

While reflecting the heritage of the city, the armatures contributed in increasing the number of visitors and attracting tourists, who were interested in the city.

Cusco_2 (Medium)The Genval Paper Mill transformed into a new living space to illuminate with Schréder

Schréder offering best solutions to fit to the purpose and location of each project has completed the lighting project of a plan, transforming the Genval Paper Mill located outside of Brussels, in the region Rixensart to a brand-new district for elderly people incorporating homes, shops and cafes. Schréder has based its lighting design on aspects such as quality, conviviality, intergenerational exchanges among generations and sustainability.

Within the scope of the project, Schréder designing a contemporary and elegant luminaire, which highlights the modern architecture of the living area and enhances the image of the landscape, used its Piano armature to light vehicle parks, roads and main shopping road because of the high-quality finish and smart design of the product.

The ModulLum, the ideal tool for reinforcing aesthetic coherency in public spaces, was chosen by Schréder to light the promenade along the Lasne River. The efficiency of this lighting column meant that the number of poles to be installed was reduced while its pure design harmoniously integrates the landscape.

Schréder installed SCULPline floodlights under the canopies on the buildings to light the pavements and the architecture of the façades, creating a safe, comfortable and inviting nocturnal space. All the partners involved in the project are delighted by the lighting solutions which respect and perfectly reflect the philosophy of this urban renovation project.

To limit the energy consumption in the public area and its foot print on the environment used was LED lighting offering excellent visibility with its white light.