Seval Cable Products Had Been Exported to More Than 60 Countries

Seval Cable Products Had Been Exported to More Than 60 Countries

Stating that as Seval Cable, they had inculuded their mid-voltage cables into their product range in 2014, the Export Manager of Seval Cable, Ersin Turgur said that they made export the more than 60 countries. Stating that their share of export in the sector became closer to 5%, Turgut said that their export volume reached more than 100 million dollars. Turgut answered our questions.

Seval Kablo (1) (Medium)Could you give us information about the operations of your company?

Seval Cable started its business life as a low voltage energy cable manufacturer at production facilities in Denizli in 1980. Thanks to its 34 years R&D studies, it has become an integrated facillity consisting of 5 factories and producing over 100 product types in line with the demand of its clients. Seval Cable included mid voltage cables into its product range in 2014 and reached a perfect production to more than 60 countries and also is a prestigios company in domestic market.

What is your export rate in 2013? What is the share of this rate in sector export?

Net results will be announced next month by Turkey Exporters Union. As Seval Cable we reached over 100 million dolar-export volume. The share of export in the sector is about 5%. It is certain that we will raise this rate thanks to country researches and new markets.

What significant developments occurred in 2013’s export in terms of country region, rate, new client compared to the last years?

We got a 50% growth in 2013 compared to the previous year. We had great developments both in financial condition and client portfolio. We covered a distance in many markets thanks to new machineries, R&D and innovation investments and quality certificates. The point I attach importance here is that we try to raise our share in markets where there is not such a sector instead of raising in the same regions.

How many countries do you have in your export portfolio?

Today, we make active exports to 60 countries in 4 continents. We add new countries to our portfolio every year. Besides Europe, our brand recognition is widening in the Middle East and Africa and we are becoming a preferred brand in the sector. As it is stated in our slogan, we, as Seval family, are continuing to produce for the world.

In which markets do you dominate and try to be the leader?

I can say that we are one of the leader companies in every  market we actively work thanks to our competitive price policy, quality service and innovative vision. We aim to be permanent in these markets by getting quality certificates. The main system and quality certificates we have are; TSE-HAR-BASEC-KEMA-VDE-GOST-SII-SASO-TUV-ISO9001:2008,14001, OHSAS 18001.

Did you have any difficulty while you are reaching the export power you have today, how did you deal with these difficulties?

I can count new cale types and certification process among these difficulties while joining a new market. In this process, the most important parts are design, quality-control and r&d. Seval Cable has adopted producing quality product since its foundation and become successful in every market where it took step with this vision. Seval Cable has not have too many difficulties in export market where product quality, certificates and service are more significant contrary to domestic market and has always become the first in the option rank of its clients.

Seval Kablo (2) (Medium)What strategy have you followed since the first day in order to find new markets, locate in these markets, meet customer satisfaction and raise export?

Seval Cable, first of all, analyzed the country, demands and product diversity in its export policy. It has taken the quality certificates of that country from concemed institutions and acceredited laboratories. It has made appropriate machine and personel investments. These steps of Seval Cable have been awarded with intense and stable client orders in a short period. Seval Cable built its market selections in line with this stability and provided permanent partnerships rather than daily and temporal works.

Have you had any institutional and individual friends from whom you got support, information, experience etc.?

Actually, all these successes come from Seval Cable’s team’s intense, self-denying and conscious works. Seval Cable distinguished itself from its competitors by using its internal Dynamics very efficiently as a whole team including board of management, r&d department and shipment department.

What are your export targets for 2014 and future years?

as a company engaged in the export of 70% As Seval Cable, we aim to raise our share in domestic and foreign market thanks to our quality products in 2014 and the future period despite political problems, crisis and uncertainty in raw material supply. We aim to reach wider group of people by adding mid-voltage cable to our product range. We are growing day by day with our team thinking that success is not a destination but a road it self. We are going to continue to represent Turkey in international arena as we do today with our self sacrificing and dynamic staff.