Sigma Electric's export offensive


Sigma Elektrik, Turkey's leading company in the low voltage switchgear products sector, exports to 87 countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia and introduces its Made in Turkey stamped products to the whole world. The company, which meets 40 percent of its turnover from exports, aims to increase both the number of countries it exports to and its export share in turnover with its new factory to be moved in 2022. With Australia, Mexico and Brazil on its radar, the company aims to increase its export share in its turnover to 50 percent by exporting to 100 countries in 2022.

Sigma Electric General Manager Murat Akgül We Serve Both Turkey and World Markets with Our Domestic Production

Sigma Elektrik, Turkey's leading brand in the low voltage sector with its domestic production, brings its products to 87 countries with its wide distributor network spread around the world as well as its 80 dealers located throughout Turkey. The company, which grows by an average of 20 percent every year in exports and obtains 40 percent of its turnover from exports, will increase the number of countries it exports to 100 in 2022 and increase its share in turnover to 50 percent. The company, which has also invested in a new factory in line with its future goals, will have priority focus markets for Australia, Mexico and Brazil in 2022.

"We are increasing our export-oriented investments every year"
Stating that their priority in exports is to introduce Sigma and Made in Turkey stamped products to all countries of the world and to announce the name of the country with the switchgear sector , Sigma Elektrik General Manager Murat Akgül said that their other goal is to contribute to the current balance of the country and the sector. Akgül continued his words as follows: "As Sigma Elektrik, our export figure is at a higher level than our import figure with our domestic and national production. However, we are working with all our strength to spread this to the whole sector and to increase the exports of our sector. Another goal of ours is to force the dominance of international brands in the sector in our country and in the world. We know that the best way to achieve this is through exports. We increase our export-oriented investments every year in order to ensure that there is no market that we have not reached, that does not know our products and the name of
our country. As Sigma Elektrik, we invest a significant part of our turnover in R&D every year and prepare the ground for meeting the needs on a global scale and shifting the demand to our country by introducing at least one new product to
the market every year. Another export-oriented investment will be our new factory that we will move to in 2022. With our new factory, we will increase the number of countries we export to from 87 to 100, and the share of exports in our turnover from 40 percent to 50 percent."

"I believe that we will mention our name as a challenging player in new markets" Stating that countries with the increasing need for energy all over the world see the future of the sector in terms of exports bright in line with new infrastructure works and existing infrastructure renewals, Akgül said, "
Due to the problems experienced in the supply chain with the pandemic and especially the increasing Far East supply costs, many countries have been able to supply our country in terms of ease of transportation, production power, speed and technology. I think he would prefer it. This is a very important opportunity for our sector. As Sigma Elektrik, I think that we will make good use of this opportunity in every sense, and that we will get a significant share from the markets that the Far East has lost with its point shots by turning to regional
markets and products. Especially in this sense, in 2022, we will both increase our volume in the countries we currently export to and concentrate on countries such as Australia, Mexico and Brazil, which we specifically target for this year. In addition to our existing products, I believe that by developing new products with the needs of these countries, safety and quality certificates, we will make our name mentioned as a challenging player in the new markets we will enter."