Maxel Industry, which was founded by a team that has gained experience in important brands in the sector for many years, stated that they established a company that provides technical information for the more efficient operation of the product we sell as well as the marketing of the products needed by the sector, Maxel Industry Sales Manager Ufuk TEKİN told us about their goals and plans for the future.

First of all, when was Maxel Industries founded? Can you tell us about the general structure of your company?

Our company started its commercial activity in February 2020. I have a working history of 8 years in Wago Turkey. During this period, it was possible to identify the needs of the sector and the deficiencies in the sector. Because of this, we have experienced a period of time intertwined with the sector. In order to fill these deficiencies, we established our MAXEL INDUSTRIAL Company. For many years, the experience of working in a corporate international company distinguishes us from standard buy-sell companies. In line with the needs of the production facilities, we supply electrical and electronic and automation products. The most important issue here is that we are directing customer demands. This is reinforced by the fact that the company buys the right product at the right price. We are currently serving Turkey's largest companies.

Your company, which we understand from the above information, will be the dealer of the leading manufacturers of the sector. How will you proceed in this regard?

Our first priority is to distribute the products of the Wago brand in the market under our own roof. As I said before, it is a commitment and principle that I have kept the flag of the brand on the field for many years, as long as this company exists and as long as the management of Wago Turkey does not change, we will continue our active dealership. There are many international brands in the sector. We have different agreements with many brands.

In a very short time, our product distribution range reached 500 units. Our year-end forecast is min. 1,000 product range. This means that you have the entire product range of electrical and electronics and automation departments.

What would you like to say about your company's short and long term goals?

In particular, we take the big European companies that we think we are doing the same job as role models as role models. In addition to the domestic market, the companies here continue their commercial activities in various countries and the biggest advantages are that the number of producers in their own countries is high and they take an active role in the sectors they address. They are even taking serious steps in distant Middle East and African countries. If we succeed in establishing the same structure in Turkey, we will accelerate the domestic producers we are partners with and our own company. We attach more importance to the Middle East and African countries than Turkey. There are new infrastructures and cities that need to be established.

Can you give information about the technical support you provide to the problems experienced in the meaning of the product. What kind of support request do you have from the manufacturer for the problems that occur?

We supply the products of innovative companies that lead the sector. We do not work with any brand that we do not know or believe in. Therefore, the products of such companies are very stingy about failure. For years, we have many electronic devices that do not cause the slightest malfunction and are actively working in the field.

In any case, we can take quick action because we are in direct contact with the manufacturers. There are 2 different factors here. In the event of a defect within the scope of the warranty, we can exchange products free of charge. In case of malfunctions caused by user errors, we provide technical service or spare parts product supply according to demand.

Finally, can we find out what are the problems you have with your own sector and what are your suggestions for solving these problems?

In this ecosystem with many players, the greatest success is thanks to solid and reliable business partners. However, with the development of technology, I think that technical support will receive the biggest part of these achievements. You have no chance or possibility to sell technological products without knowing it. Looking at the industry right now, many dealers still don't know exactly what they're selling. We will make our difference exactly here. This may seem like a very small problem right now. I think that after a few years, those who cannot keep up with this system will have difficulty in their commercial activities.

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