Thanks to innovative studies we manfucture products that are in domestic market

Thanks to innovative studies we manfucture products that are in domestic market After establishing our R & D facility, our dreams about the sector have certainly increased.too. Thanks to innovative studies and we supply products that are not offered in domestic market.  I’m excited about the fact that we will be in serial production for the products we will get recently. Alar We had a pleasant interview with Yusuf Cenk Dağsuyu, Vice President of Beta Transformer. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWho is Yusuf Cenk Dağsuyu? I was born in Adana in 1983. I am graduate of TAC 2001. I graduated Business Management. I’m married and have a daughter and a son. I am Honorary Consul of Ethiopia in Hatay. I start the day with a walk at 06:30. Meat stuffed grape leaves is my favorite. I’m a fan of Galatasaray. I started to work actively in 2002 and I have always had a very busy life since the day I started working, but especially after my children were born, I have always taken care of spending time for myself and my family.

Why Energy Sector?

haziran1haziran2 I can say that I was born in this sector. Therefore, it was obvious that I would do this job. Therefore, I have directed all my education and skills according to this sector. When I look back, I think I made the right decision because the energy sector has a very dynamic structure, it compels people to develop. This moving business life is quite similar to my character.     What Would You Do If You Were Unmanaged? When I was a kid, I had a dream like a boy to be a pilot. However, since I was very young, I spent most of my time outside of school starting from the lowest level in the energy sector with my father in the workplace. This gave me the opportunity to observe and get to know the energy sector. So, after a while, it made me dream about the business itself. Your First Export Continent? haziraniç We made our first export to the African continent. I decided to export our production and did a long market research. I spent an average of 6 months abroad. Our start-up organizations and overseas marketing activities initially challenged us a lot. Because our company brand name was not known in abroad. Our export process, which started with the African market, is now spread to six continents except North America.   Targeted Export Country? Today, I think we have a significant position in the Middle Eastern, African and European markets. I can say that my only dream in last days, is to position ourselves in the North and South American markets.   The Project that Excites You the Most? We have R & D, our dreams about the sector after establishing our facility have been multiplied. We are conducting very serious research and innovative activities. With the help of Tübitak and EU Project Support Programs, we manufacture innovative products which are not available in Turkish market. To be able to start a serial production for products that we will take out a patent is exciting me What about the dreams of Yusuf Cenk Dağsuyu? I have my own dreams, for sure. For example, since I was a child, I have a special interest in boats. Now I’m teaching my son and my daughter how to use a boat. My biggest dream is to go on a long blue journey with my wife and children. Recommendations for Young People for Work Life? At a very young age, I started working with the (-) numbers now I want to remind the young people of the importance of the zero number (0) as a brother, I can say that a foreign language is a skill that must be developed during the student years. It is certainly much more important in today’s business world speaking foreign languages than in which school you study. Another suggestion is that they should be involved in part-time jobs, internships, active participation in social responsibility projects, and communication aspects as much as possible before they start working actively. Your Favorite Country? There are a few countries that I enjoy visiting, but Spain; I can say that the life energy is the closest to me. Ethiopia on the African continent. The moment you feel yourself more energetic? I’ve been playing drums lately. You need to feel energetic by the structure of the instrument itself, it already makes me feel very and relieves my stress. I also feel free when water skiing.

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