The Antolin Group relies on Eaton’s solutions to ensure the electrical safety of its plants

The Antolin Group relies on Eaton’s solutions to ensure the electrical safety of its plants

The automotive component maker now has the most advanced level of electrical safety

 Eaton, a power management company, has announced it is incorporating its electrical safety solutions in the data centers of the Antolin Group, one of the largest automotive interior makers worldwide. The Antolin Group has selected Eaton and Cistec Technology, an innovative system integrator, to provide its data centers located in its plants with the highest level of reliability and availability. With this solution, the Antolin Group now has a secure and reliable system to prevent against company risks in the event of a power outage.

 A power cut could, for example, shut down its plants’ production lines and damage its tooling.

Another benefit of the new solution is the ability to remotely manage all of the Antolin Group plants’ data centers from the company’s headquarters in Burgos.

Eaton 9PX UPS_pic 3

The solution is based on Eaton’s 9PX UPS’s, which are powered by dual conversion technology, consuming 40% less electricity and increasing power by 28%, along with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software which provides the tools needed to monitor and manage IT resources in both physical and virtual environments. Equipment also included is Eaton’s ATS16 transfer switches, which can power devices from two different power sources, and the Eaton EMP001 humidity and temperature sensors, which ensure monitoring of environmental conditions for the equipment.

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Eaton’s IT Channel Sales Manager, Jordi Cuesta says, “With this project implemented jointly with our partner Cistec Technology, we are providing the Antolin Group with the utmost efficiency and electrical safety for its IT equipment. Accordingly, the company is assured that it has the availability and robustness to seamlessly operate its plants”.

For his part, Óscar de la Asunción, Data Center Solutions Architect of the Antolin Group, says: “The automated shutdown has drastically reduced operating time. This is because a hard shutdown of our virtual machines could have an impact on activity in the IT rooms, affecting validation with neighboring systems and making it necessary to use manual restart which is lengthy and cumbersome.”

“By implementing the new Eaton solution, we now have a safe and reliable system that keeps us prepared in the face of unplanned power events. This solution lets us manage the virtual machines and hosts automatically, giving the infrastructure more autonomy and preventing systems from shutting down, which would have a major impact on costs,” emphasized Jesús Tamayo, Data Center Solutions Architect at the Antolin Group.

“What we value most in the Eaton solutions is their ability to interact with the customer’s VMWare virtual environment, along with the IPM software, which has been key to the success of this project,” said Juan Izquierdo, Business Development Manager at Cistec Technology in the Basque Country. “Given the results of this project, Eaton is now our top choice of manufacturer in UPS environments,” added Izquierdo.

In view of the positive results with the project, the Antolin Group plans to continue its collaboration with Eaton. In fact, in this same deployment, there are still some 60 remote devices to be replaced.

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