The World’s Largest Energy and Electricity Companies Rely on ARMONITEL


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Armonitel, Turkey’s leading producer of Flexible Bara, achieved significant achievements by carrying out its necessary institutional studies and carrying its knowledge and skills not only in Turkey but also in international markets.Our goal is to achieve more sales in these markets as a supplier of the largest energy companies in all the countries we export to by adding a few more countries every year to this success. We have included opinions about the company and the sector with EMRE KÖK from the founders of ARMONİTEL which are in the form of exptions.


Would you give brief information about your company?

unnamedOur company has started to produce copper and aluminum connectors used in the electricity sector. Since its establishment, we have quickly become a permanent supplier of the leading corporate companies of our country.

The biggest factor in our business is management and manufacturing understanding, and our product quality has been controlled from A to Z and moved to world standards. For this reason, the press welded system, which is the welding method used in flexiblebusbars made of copper foil, has brought to our sector thanks to Armonitel’s knowhow. Armonitel works with the aim of carrying its knowledge and skills not only in Turkey but also in the international markets by carrying out the necessary institutional studies.

Our company has begun to export very soon after its establishment with all these studies. We currently export to 15 countries on a regular basis. We have increased our targets by carrying our new center with 4.000m2 closed area in Istanbul-Beylikdüzü in order to provide better service to our customers and to increase our production capacity in the coming period and to enrich our product range in 2016.

Which countries do you export?

We have directly sent our products to 15 countries, most of them in European countries. We regularly export to Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Israel and Iran.

What are your export goals?

Every year we have been able to become a long-term supplier by adding a portfolio of clients to a great number of large companies that have been branded in international markets. We have enlarged our capacity by moving our new factory to provide better service to this giant companies and our valuable customers in Turkey. Our goal is to achieve this success by adding a few more countries each year to gain depth in the markets as the supplier of the largest energy companies in all the countries we export.

Can you talk about your products?

7ARMONITE combines copper or aluminum wires in specific dimensions to produce connectors in sections required by the electrical industry. We also produce leaf busbar from copper leaves. We also produce custom made specialties of our clients due to our expertise in processing copper and aluminum raw materials.

What are your product and product groups?

Aluminum / copper braid busbars

Leaf busbars

Water Cooled and Air Cooled Seconder Cables

Cable grips

Shielding Braids for Wires

Copper / Aluminum Special Production

In addition, the rope type cables also joined our product range.

















In what sectors are your products used?

Our products are used successfully for transformers, generators, cells, power generation and distribution, transformer and panel connections, electrolytic coating plants, melting furnaces, welding machines in the automotive sector, arc furnaces, induction furnaces and all kinds of grounding products.

Can you talk about your understanding of quali


Due to our products are used in systems of vital importance, quality has become our first priority both in terms of raw material and workmanship since our establishment. We work with the most important raw material suppliers of our country to keep the quality of raw materials at the highest level. ARMONITEL uses raw materials that are not produced of scratch but made of cathode.

ARMONITEL owns ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates. We also have the Ghost Certificate for Russia. The biggest electric companies in Turkey and the world are testing our products and adding our products to their list of suppliers as a result of their satisfaction.


What are the troubles in your sector?

We advise our customers to pay particular attention to the use of raw materials that are produced from the cathode, not from the scrap. Raw materials produced from raw materials shorten the life of products. ARMONITE does not make any compromise in this regard and uses raw materials produced by cathode. In addition, when choosing products in the sector, a habit for placing orders with current values has occurred. This can prevent customers from comparing products and using the right product.

Can you clarify this a little more?

For example, we have 1,000 A busbar demand. They are demanding that we determine product sections. Factors such as how much amperage current the busbar will take, the length of the busbar, the volume to be used, how many can be used together, is it horizontal? Vertical? The tightening torque of the bolts used to fix, use, change according to ambient temperature.

Our customers who will use the products need to apply the products in real terms and test the current capacities as a system. This is the correct method.That is to say, the fact that the manufacturers have a statement like “my busbar carry this current etc.” is preventing accurate and sufficient evaluation.

The main thing is the purity of the copper used in the buses. ARMONITEL is very sensitive in using the best quality pure copper raw material. Conductivity coefficient of copper is definite. According to the application of the cross section, our customers choose products according to the specifications requested from us and we also produce the requested products. The fact that there is no common language on the cross section of the section prevents proper product selection and comparison. We have undertaken as a duty to inform our customers technically in this regard.

Finally, what do you want to tell our readers, your customers?

The importance of Turkey in international markets in recent years has increased and continue to increase. For this reason, we know that our customers want to produce their products in international standards and quality and aim at international markets. We are conscious of this task with our consciousness and we are committed to using our ARMONITEL products to seamlessly acquire qualities in world standards.

The world’s largest energy and electricity companies rely on ARMONITEL. Our belief is that we will achieve this if we set our goal as being the best in the field of the world. We wish your country and our nationality to be a leader in the world. And as ARMONITEL we struggle to reach this target.


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