26 November 2019

Turkey’s First and Only New Generation Speaker Technology ‘Winpoint’

Turkey’s First and Only New Generation Speaker Technology ‘Winpoint’

The new generation of Gemtasonic speaker technology, Winpoint®, was introduced on Friday, November 15 at Istanbul Wish More Hotel. With this technology, which has revolutionized the speaker concept, all sounds are now more personal.

Gemtasonic Introduced The New Winpoint® Personal Sound System

Winpoint®, a new product of Gemtasonic family which was presented at Istanbul Wish More Hotel on November 15, 2019, is a Speaker Only You Can Hear.


With the winpoint® technology, which leads to radical changes in the speaker concept, all sounds are much more personal!

Winpoint, which has been shown for the first time and attracted great attention, is followed with interest by its technical features and its usage areas to serve variety of sectors.


Erdal Gürel, General Manager of Gemtasonic, who made the opening speech at the launch, said: ” I would like to thank the participants for their interest in our Winpoint® product. Our domestic and national product Winpoint®, Personal Sound System, is a “New Generation Speaker Technology” that can send sound only to the desired destination at a narrow angle. While standard speakers radiate sound at a fairly wide angle, Winpoint® sends sound through a narrow column to the marked target. This way, you can isolate your target among the crowds and put it under the influence of sound without creating noise pollution.


Easy Assembly and Use

The Winpoint® Personal Audio System provides the user with the option to play a large audio file with different audio inputs. With USB Memory and MicroSD Card inputs, you can easily play a large number of mp3 and WAV format audio files.

You can wirelessly transfer audio content from your smartphone, tablet and computer via Bluetooth. With the Aux input, you can play your customized audio content from all audio sources.


Revolution in Technology

The Winpoint® Personal Sound System is designed to deliver personalized sound content in many areas of everyday life, such as listening to music, publicity, advertising, announcement, announcement and warning without creating noise pollution. It can be used easily in many areas of daily life and the limit of application areas is limited by your imagination.


At the end of the launch, the participants had the opportunity to learn more detailed technical information about the product in the question and answer section, and five lucky people were given a Winpoint® device as a result of the draw.















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