Turkish firm to produce radiation-resistant cables for CERN

2M Kablo fabrika (Orta)Turkey’s 2M Kablo, a leading brand in the cable industry, has become an approved supplier of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the world’s most advanced particle physics laboratory.

Cooperation between Turkish companies and the CERN has continued to grow in recent years. According to the statement by 2M Kablo, the company will produce special radiation-resistant cables, prepared in line with CERN standards. The low voltage cable manufacturer 2M Kablo announced that it became one of the approved suppliers for CERN as of March 14, 2019, following a year-long negotiation process.

Accordingly, 2M Kablo will supply special radiation-resistant cables to CERN, which mainly focuses on particle physics, the study of the fundamental constituents of matter.

“We have been in talks with CERN for about a year. During this time, we passed through many technical inspection and quality control tests,” 2M Kablo Chairman Mehmet Dereli said. “CERN strictly monitors compliance with the standards it sets. They started to use our special radiation-resistant cables prepared according to their standards in their application areas.” The company, which exports 55 percent of its annual production, expanded its activity range to Russia in 2005 and Dubai in 2018. A total of 24 Turkish companies have been doing business with CERN and some 100-150 others have participated in its tenders. Turkey’s business volume with CERN currently stands at $4 million.

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