Two New Regulators By Tunçmatik: Reguline 2000VA And 3000VA

rwTunçmatik, Turkey’s Energy Solutions Brand, is Bringing a Solution for Irregular Voltage Issue with its High-Tech Regulator, Reguline. Driving the informatics industry for 46 years with the products it develops, Tunçmatik added two new models, 2000VA and 3000VA, to its regulator family “Reguline”.

Reguline: A Lifesaver with Models Offering Different Power Options

Reguline, new regulator by Tunçmatik, is offering regulated and clean energy for all sensitive devices in order to provide safety of use. Ideal for use in combination with electrical and electronic devices such as computers, TVs, heating boilers, washing machines, etc., Reguline is now available with four new models with two new models with a capacity of 2000VA and 3000VA added to the previous models offering a capacity of 600VA and 1000VA.

Among the most important features of Reguline are being operational in a wide voltage range, input-output voltage tracking from front panel, thermal fuse installed in order to prevent high temperature damage, and short-circuit, overcurrent and high temperature protection. Reguline is also making a great impression with its compact design and nonflammable plastic shaft. Perfect for homes and offices with limited space thanks to its compact design, this product is the ultimate solution for low or high voltage issues.

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