Üntel_Kablo_Serhat_GünanDue to the Corona virus in 2020, the year of Pandemic was declared in the world. What did you do as a company during this past period?

As a company, we have taken a series of health and hygiene measures from the beginning of the process, taking into account the proposals of the Ministry of Health. First of all, we have provided an environment for our employees who have age and health problems or to work from home. Since we had a strong IT infrastructure before the outbreak, we did not have difficulty in adapting to the process.

In this context, by stating that we have ISO 27001 certification, it has already been ready for our employees’ digital security measures. Then, we implemented alternate work programs for our other employees. We were in the office environment with as few employees as possible. Of course, we also applied disinfectant and disposable products, while applying to the mask and social distance rules in the office environment, We postponed our meetings or carried them online, we temporarily banned guests from entering and exiting, we made daily fire measurements of all our staff, we carried out disinfection operations in all office environments, dining halls and services, and switched to shield use in environments where close working is mandatory.

During the production phase, we organized to work with minimum personnel in our shifts and revised our shift hours.

Finally, in line with the Ministerial proposals, we made Covid-19 test for all our employees and subcontractors, and we got a result that made us happy with zero cases.

This process will add to the business life. We can exemplify digitalization, e-commerce, etc. I think companies that adapt quickly to this can get advantages. Some habits in the past will change, at least for a while, visits, fairs, trips will decrease in number, and these will provide cost advantages and perhaps make this permanent.

What are your thoughts on the reflections of the process on the electricity sector?

Since it is in every sector, stagnation was inevitable in the electricity sector. Our production continued without decreasing since we have the orders we received, and we continue our efforts to avoid decreases in the coming months. It is obvious that 2020 will not be better than 2019, there may be an accumulated demand in the market that came to a halt during this quarantine period, we think that there will be some activity in the market with the normalization process. We hope that at the end of this normalization process there is a cure for this outbreak and we return to our normal flow in both health and other areas.

Üntel_Cable_factoryWe have a wide product portfolio, we produce special cables. This gives us an advantage. Our ability to serve many sectors such as shipbuilding, mining, railway, airport, crane in both domestic and foreign markets makes us advantageous against sectoral and regional crises and we have a chance to move. We always aim for better by following new developments closely and implementing them.

ÜNTEL KABLO,  one of leading cable manufacturers in the world was established in 1972, Turkey. With almost 50 years of experience, continuously develops and optimize her product range with the help of advanced technology and well trained staff.

ÜNTEL_CABLEProduct range consists over 15.000 different types of cables, covers both rubber and thermoplastic cables up to Medium Voltage (MV) range. ÜNTEL’s power and instrumentation cables supplies energy for industries which requires experience like marine, offshore, mines and tunnels, airports, railways and have been used in industrial ways such as heavy-duty rubber drum reeling cables, welding cables, control cables and fire resistant cables. ÜNTEL is also able to produce tailor made products for special purposes. Today these products are exported over 70 countries on six continents.

Üntel’s laboratories which are approved by organisations that specify the standars are equipped with advanced technology test and measurement devices. Within the scope of Quality System Certificates there is a quality management system presents in Üntel according to ISO, IQnet and TSE quality standarts.. Around 200 different types of cables are certified by global organisations like VDE, KEMA,  ABS, UL, BV, DNV-GL, RINA and TSE.

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