“We are the Solution Partner of Exclusive Projects with Qualified Products”

Untel Cable Becomes Solution Partner for Projects by Producing Custom Design Cables for Industrial and Niche Markets

In this issue, we had an interview with Untel Cable Member of Board of Directors and Assistant Marketing Manager Onur Serhat GÜNAN about acitivities of the company.

SerhatGunanCould you briefly tell us about yourself?

I’m leaving my 10th year behind in my working life. After working in various departments within the company, I have been in Marketing and Business Development department for 2 years. At the same time, I take part in the 2nd generation management team, and today we try to represent our company with the respect, quality and value added production philosophy we receive from our elders.

Can you give us information about the organizational structure of your company and your working system?

Untel Cable has been operating in the sector for nearly 50 years. It was founded entirely with domestic capital. It operates in both domestic and foreign markets. Untel is a family-owned company, which has been continuing with the partnership of 2 families since the day it was founded, and today the 1st and 2nd generations are active. Luckily we both benefit from the experiences of the elders and show a vision open to innovations thanks to the dynamic working system of the young people.

How do you evaluate  cable sector of Turkey?

There are about 600 cable companies in Turkey today, large and small. Unfortunately, it is necessary to add poor quality production and unfair competition. This is the longstanding problem of the sector. On the one hand, companies that manufacture according to international standards and at the otherside, companies that make improper production of a product that is so important in terms of security, in the first place.

It is not possible to draw a very positive picture if we take into consideration other economic problems experienced in our country outside the sector. That’s why we work harder than usual to produce and market our products under the best conditions.

defaultWhat did you aim at product and market development as Untel Cable?

In connection with the previous question, I said that we are working to produce and market our products under the best conditions. The shrinking domestic market leads us to export channels. We are more involved in foreign markets. Today, more than 60% of our production is exported. Our goal is to add new and better quality to these channels. We are trying to expand this with new products, new certificates and various marketing channels such as trade fairs, trade delegations and visits.

So how do you differentiate from these manufacturers?

We always aim to produce the best and certify our product. The demands of the standards are sometimes not sufficient to meet the customer’s needs, and the conditions of use of the products can be much more challenging. We are trying to produce more than the requirements of standards for these challenging conditions. Today we have more than 200 product certificates and many quality management system certificates. All of our certificates are from international organizations and are hard to earn. For this purpose, we conduct intensive R & D studies and make numerous trials. And of course we always stand behind our product.

How do you choose the quality or selection of material inputs?

At Untel we have an ERP system that starts from planning and continues to quality control. Each input and product is kept under control and record. The materials we use are quality certified products, we do not buy materials from anyone and these materials are tested in our own laboratories. In our laboratories where chemical and physical tests can be carried out, we have many test devices and our experienced engineers control both raw materials and our own products.



What kind of pioneers has Untel Cable brought to the sector?

We can list many items under this question. Untel is like a school. In the past, many of our friends who worked with us started their own businesses and came to successful places. These successful scenarios make us very happy. We talk to many of them all the time and we are in trade, they represent us, we represent them. It’s an honor to carry your flag this way.

We can also deal with the product. We have a wide product portfolio and we provide products to various industries and become solution partners for them. We make and produce special designs for them. We can call this a pioneer. And we do this both in the international arena and in the domestic market.

In addition, we are a pioneer in certification. In many cable groups, we are the first and only certified cable manufacturer in our country.

In your work in the sector, can we say that you are thinking and acting on a project basis?

We can say. But we shouldn’t think that this keeps us apart from the product groups and dealers that are continuously producing. We are a company that serves both projects, distributors and end users. This is due to the dynamic and flexible structure of the company. In fact, we need to add a long history. Since the day we were established, we have suppliers who use our cables as well as our raw material suppliers. People we’ve walked on the same road for about half a century.

On the other hand, we follow the emerging trends in the world with our innovative side, make new designs and take part in projects. It can be a warship, it can be an airport runway lighting. And countless others. We go through different processes and challenges for each.

In this context, we develop strategies according to countries, regions, sectors and other variables. The only thing that doesn’t change is quality and customer satisfaction.


Can you tell us which projects you currently have?

Marine type cables used in navy ships that we work on the most. We have taken great steps to become a global player in this field. It became the first Turkish cable manufacturer to certify Part 60-61-63 and 66 for VG95218 type cables in recent months. A very niche market in the world and a challenging manufacturing process with a small number of manufacturers. We want to complete the rest of this certificate group in a short time and realize a first in the world. Untel’s structure is suitable for this, technology, staff and production have everything for it. We want to achieve this and come to better places in the industry.

What drives you?

There is a large market in this field and we have the ability and capacity to meet this. As I mentioned before, our aim is; produce value-added products and value-added products are also included in this market. We want to create value for ourselves and our country by exporting these products.

kabloIs certificate always required in projects?

The needs of each project can be different, but in general yes. Certification means approved quality. The audits of this are done by reputable institutions with accredited laboratories that are valid all over the world. Nobody wants to risk their project using poor quality products, so a certificate is requested. It is necessary to sell to some countries.

When you receive this certificate, what will be the most obvious contribution to the certificate?

It would not be right to distinguish it from other products in this way. As with any product, this will open up different doors and opportunities. This is one of the elements that keep every organ and excitement alive.

What was your biggest investment in the last 2 years? How many square meters of your construction project will be at the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020?

We moved to our factory which is currently in operation in 2009. At first it was a big field and now we’ve filled our capacity. In short, we will have a new stage construction project next year. We are a company that is constantly investing. At present, we are producing in 32bin m2 closed area within 43bin m2 area. With the second stage, we will add an indoor area of 20 thousand m2.

But we invest not only in plants and machines, but also in education and people. We value human beings and invest in human resources and occupational safety. At the beginning comes a happy, healthy and productive business.

800x800-KARE_revizeWhat levels are you currently at considering your position in the foreign market?

If we take into account the congestion in the domestic market, we are currently exporting over 60-65%. In the past years, the weight was more in the direction of the domestic market.

Where are the areas where you are concentrated?

We have exports to about 70 countries, but locomotive countries are located in Europe like Germany, Holland, France. But we also have a rising graph in other countries, such as the Arab Emirates, America, Australia, India .. Since we have a large number of sectors we serve, we have trade with different geographies.

defaultEurope is considered as the largest of the market. What kind of strategy are you following here?

We produce in compliance with European norms, and serve the market with quality and competitive price in the product. Our geographical proximity to Europe is an advantage, which makes it easier to transport. Moreover, Turkish products are in a better position compared to products such as China and eastern countries. Cultural closeness, bilateral relations, marketing activities can be added to this.


What are your 2020 goals and what will be your new achievements?

We always aim for better and higher. We will work harder for the higher before we settle for where we are. It will be a difficult year, of course. The contraction in both the domestic and world markets will create a more competitive environment, but we will take our measures and take part in larger targets. We will do this with new products, new markets and new strategies. After all, it’s a fact that you can’t stay in your place, if you target where you are, you go back.

defaultWhat is the rate of entry of these products, which are not produced in our country statistically, or which sector mainly meets this need?

Every product can be sold in every market as long as there is competition. The domestic consumer is also rightly constantly investigating foreign markets for more favorable costs for their advantage. This is very natural. We also know that there are products from abroad. These are quality products rather than commercial, standard products, such as drilling cables for the oil we are working on. Or the cables in the phone headsets we all use in everyday life. The reasons must be examined.

Is there anything you want to add, what are your final thoughts?

I wish a healthy and successful year for our country. I hope that the new year will be more positive in all areas and commercially. For this, we must constantly develop, train and produce ourselves. I would also like to thank you for your visit and this wonderful interview and wish you continued success in the new year.

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