We Offer Innovative Products and Solutions

We Offer Innovative Products  and Solutions

Can we get corporate information about VIKO? What are the vision and mission of VIKO?
In 2014, we have incorporated in Panasonic, the world’s electronics giant. As VIKO, currently we create solutions to transfer, use and easier presentation of electrical power in our industrial facilities having 56,000 m2 covered area and shown among the largest ones of the sector in the world.
Beyond offering new products, we act with a philosophy that focuses on creating values to our customers. Therefore, we strive to offer innovative products and solutions that carry innovation, product quality and safety, unique designs and productivity to the living spaces all together. I can say our mission is “designing, producing and offering innovative products and solutions, which improve comfort, safety and energy efficiency, to the world markets by considering satisfaction of all stakeholders.” We are the leader in Turkey with our 50% market share.

How did you start the process of partnering with Panasonic?
Known for audio and visual electronic devices across the world, Panasonic has begun its activities in 1918 by manufacturing electrical installation materials just as VIKO. The technology giant Panasonic is the market leader in Asia and number two in the world in the electrical switch and socket sector. The main goal of the brand is expanding its market from far Asia towards the west and become the world leader in this sector in 2018, i.e. the 100th anniversary of its foundation… To achieve their objective, they were in search of a partner in our region and this merger took place in 2014.

As in Turkey, VIKO is in an important position in the markets of different countries. Can you give us information about this?
In our industrial facilities presented among the most important ones of the world, we manufacture 100 million units of products annually. We offer a significant portion of these products to the markets abroad. We export more than 25,000 different products to over 70 countries on a wide geography extending from Afghanistan to Sweden and from Russia to Angola. Besides Turkey, we are the market leader in many countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Georgia, Kosovo and Angola. In line with our new vision created with Panasonic, we aim to be the number 1 in the electrical switch and socket sector in the world in 2018, the 100th anniversary of Panasonic.

Which solutions and innovations does VIKO plan to offer to the market in the short term?
viko röportajIn 2016, we will continue to enrich our portfolio with new product series in all segments, from standard to luxury segment, in the switch-socket market. On the other hand, we included new products and solutions, such as professional hand tools, fire detection systems and solar panels that are already in the product range of Panasonic, in our product range. Enhancing performance of our certain products and solutions such as intelligent building automation systems, smart meters and remote reading systems that we think they provide significant contributions to energy efficiency and luxury segment switch-socket series in our existing markets and offering them to the markets, where Panasonic is dominant, are among our objectives for the coming period…

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