Women Who Enlighten The Life Begin to Apply What They Learned

The project named “Women Who Enlighten The Life” of Günsan Electricity to create new working fields for the womenin the electricity sector where the men have their weight continues. Female applicants who completed the theoretical training session of 200 hours started the practical training. In total the training takes 3 months and women applicants who completes all of the training sessions will earn “Heavy Current Certificate”.

Günsan_HayatıAydınlatanKadınlar_HanifeKaymaz_ilebirlikteFemale applicants who joined the “Women Who Enlighten The Life” project which has been carried out by Günsan Electricity, with the collaboration of Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services and İŞKUR Sancaktepe Service Center completed the theoretical training of 200 hours. Applicants who learned the basics of electricity started the practical training sessions. Successful female applicants who complete 508 hours comprehensive electricity training for 3 months will earn “Heavy Current Certificate”.


Women become Master at electricity.


Günsan Pazarlama Direktörü Alişan ÇapanAlişan Çapan, The Director of Electrical Marketing for Günsan, said that they were inspired by Hanife Kaymaz, who started her career by opening the electricity shop within her own means while implementing the project and said “We believe that women put their own lights in every place they touch. It is very flattering for us to create a working field for women in the electrical profession where men have weight in and give them the opportunity to create their own economies. In this sense Hanife Kaymaz became an important role model to us. Our motivation increases when we see the interest of our electrician applicants in the profession and the determination they show. After the theoretical training, our applicants have now started their practical training. Our female masters will soon successfully land on the field and earn their own income by executing what they have learned.”

In the first stage of Project of Günsan Elektrik “Women Who Enlighten The Life”, 13 female applicants between the ages 20-45 who are looking for work and want to work takes their places. After the first graduates, the project is planned to continue in the coming periods.


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