“ZYFRA” and Turkish industrialists might launch a programme of popularization the 4.0. Industry in Turkey

“ZYFRA” and Turkish industrialists might launch a programme of popularization the 4.0. Industry in Turkey

zyfra (Orta)The company “ZYFRA”, the leader in the field of digitalization of the industry, in the frames of “INNOPROM” in Ekaterinburg discussed with the representatives of the associations of Turkish industrialists, exporters and industrial equipment manufacturers a possible launch of a programme to popularize the 4.0. Industry. The program is planned to be created for manufacturers, IT specialists and managers. That was announced by the managing director of “ZYFRA” Pavel Rastopshin.

“The necessity for this programme is determined by the low level of understanding of the digital transformation among the managers and the manufacturers. According to the Turkish Industry and Business Association in 2018 only 22% of the managers from the Turkish enterprises announced that they have a high level of understanding of the 4.0. Industry concept. We have created a free online-practicum “The Digital Production” because we think that the knowledge of digitalization is as essential as an ability to read. This should be taught for free. More than 10k people have taken the course since its launch in November and we are ready to help our partners in implementing a similar project”, – said Pavel Rastopshin.

The share of industry and production in the Turkish GDP is about 26%. The introduction of the systems of digitalization and optimization to all the factories in the country would allow to grow the volume of production by 3% annually which means 450-600 billion Turkish liras (80 – 100 billion USD) of extra income to the budget and also to increase the competitiveness of Turkish products on the global market.

The Turkish manufacturers already have experience in creating online platforms: the Association of the exporters of Turkey has created its own trading platform.

In the frames of “Innoprom-2019” the managing director of “ZYFRA” Pavel Rastopshin took part in the plenary session of the Russo-Turkish industrial forum dedicated to the partnership in the area of mechanical engineering. “ZYFRA” has already achieved a partnership with a company TANDEN TAKIM TEZGAHLARI, a large Turkish distributor of CNC machines, and now is conducting negotiations with several more potential partners in Turkey.

“In the frames of “Innoprom” “ZYFRA” has held more than 15 successful meetings. We have noticed a very high interest in our products and technologies. “ZYFRA” possesses large technological powers in the field of optimization of the easel park, IIoT and AI technologies. The key product which, as we can see, is required the most by the Turkish manufacturers is MDCplus (a system of monitoring the easel park) which allows to increase the work efficiency by 20%  on average. The system functions successfully at more than 200 manufactures in Russia, Bulgaria, India and Singapore”, – added Rastopshin.

“We now live in the world where everything gets digitalized, everything goes to some kind of virtual space. […] Russia is so rich with its natural resources, energetic resources. The Turkish economy doesn’t compete but complement the Russian economy. If we unite the efforts of our businessmen and the opportunities that the Russian Federation has in the energetics, aircraft construction, nuclear technologies, then I can say that we could create some very powerful joint production projects”, – announced at the “Innoprom-2019” the Chairman of the Board of the Association of the exporters of engineering products of Turkey Kutlu Karavelioglu.