01 Mayıs 2018

Seval Kablo A.Ş.

Seval Kablo A.Ş.
Şirket Adı: Seval Kablo A.Ş.
Telefon: +90 232 459 19 32
E-Posta: sevalkablo@sevalkablo.com
Adres: 1206 Sk. No: 36 Kat: 2-3 Gıda Çarşısı Yenişehir
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Seval Kablo; being one of the leading companies in its sector both domestic and international markets, has already became ‘’The New Star’’ in Turkish cable sector with its quality products, investments to fully comply customer satisfaction and innovative structure.

Seval Kablo which has begun producing energy Cables in 1980 in a 300m2 facility has now reached an ability to process 42.000 tons of copper and 75.000 tons PVC granule in its 6 integrated factories having a total area of 70.000 m2 with a closed area of 50.000 m2.

In year 2014 for the first time in sector, Seval Kablo has split up its factories according to the sales area and production classification which would let us become a total sector leader interms of highest quality production with its tremendously expertized staff.

Constantly investing for new products and new ideas with its dinamic structure, Seval Kablo is now the leador in sector producing more than one hundred type of cables thanks to having the biggest and most modern Quality Control and R&D laboratories and their attentive studies.

We are an established market leader in Medium and High Voltage Cables. Seval Kablo produce Medium Voltage Cables with Copper and Aluminium conductors up to 66 kV, Low Voltage Cables up to 0,6/1 kV, flame retardant halogen free Cables with ‘Profire’ brand, steel and copper armored energy Cables, control Cables, oil and hydrocarbon resistant Cables, traffic signal Cables, airfield Cables and other special Cables for projects upon demand from our customers. According to the datum of 2016, Seval Kablo achieved to be the number one exporting company in cable sector; the 93rd in Turkey among the whole exporting companies; the 199th among the first-500 industry foundations of Turkey and the 285th in the list of Fortune-500 Turkey.

Having received numerous certifications from International Quality Associations, Seval Kablo exports its total production capacity of 70% in 80 countries.

Our products are Manufactured strictly in accordance with TSE-HAR, IEC, BS, EN, SASO, VDE, KEMA, GOST standards, CE Directives and RoHS compliance.

We have never compromised on quality and have successfully achieved a high level of customer appreciation, resulting in longlasting relations during our 33 years of history. For many years, Seval Kablo has constantly worked hard to develop its range of products and to raise the quality of production by its expertised and professional staff. We have always realised that success is not a destination point, in fact it is the road itself! The company’s ‘quality management systems’ is certified by BASEC (British Approvals Service for Cables), TSE-HAR, KEMA, GOST, SII and ISO 9001:2008.

Quality Policy
SEVAL KABLO designs, develops, manufactures and puts into worldwide markets the low voltage electric power and control cables and building wires, which are of the highest quality, durability and reliability. We aim;
• To make production in accordance with the regulations and the legal provisions,
• To constantly increase the customer satisfaction, to minimize the wastage in view of the fact that the restricted source of our world,
• To get minimum faults within improving the company quality consciousness in all product ranges,
• To enlarge the domestic/international markets within keeping the current status,
• To constantly improve Quality Management System, to implement all requirements of Quality Management System,
• To improve the supply chains, to improve the quality consciousness in all staff of the company with the continuous trainings.
These statements are our indispensable values of our company quality policy to improve the efficiency and currency of the Quality Management System requirements.

SEVAL KABLO’s Environmental Management System conforms with the ISO 14001:2004 International Environmental Management Standards and its certified by the ROYALCERT who is an internationally recognized certifying authority. Certification to the ISO
14001:2004 shows that Seval Kablo has a well defined structure and established working practices aimed at limiting its impact on the environment.

Environmental Policy
• Keeping under control the environment pollutions in every stage in terms of raw material input, production and transportation.
• Conforming the environment regulations and sectoral liabilities.
• Using the raw materials more effective and echonomically.
• Minimizing the wastage and revaluating as possible as it can.
• Promoting the knowledge of the personnel regarding with the environment management system.
• Taking all precautions in order to prevent the environment pollutions.

OHSAS 18001 Managenement System of Safety and Health at Work
• Keeping physical, mental and socio economic stability of the worker at the highest level in any field and securing it to be permanent.
• Protecting worker’s health from any damages which may come from working environment and harmful materials used in production.
• Rotating every employee according to his/her physical and mental personality.
• Provide consistency between worker and labor.
It is in the OHSAS 18001 Managenement System of Safety and Health at Work’s responsibility to reach the designated goals correspondingly, avoiding industrial accidents and diseases.

Our infrastructure plays an important role in enabling us to meet the requirements and standards of the industry. As Seval Kablo AS, our Copper processing capacity has reached 24000 tons per year. Our production is being performed at fully integrated plant with the total indoor area of 30000 m2 and a site area of 50000 m2. All our equipment and machines match the latest and up to date technologies.

All the productions are made under the supervision of our skilled and experienced staff, which is a total of 235 people. We promote trust and teamwork by initiating and supporting meaningful group projects, as well as by reinforcing and rewarding effective teamwork in action.

1544 Kez Görüntülendi.